Top Ten Green Books for Eco-Warriors

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Let's change our planet for the better. Let's save it. Let's make a difference. These are the best green books, for inspiring, educating and influencing the environmentalists in your life. Why not tell us about your favourites?


Review of

The Self-sufficientish Bible by Andy Hamilton and Dave Hamilton

5star.jpg Lifestyle

This book draws together information on all aspects of a modern eco-life, such as travel, the eco-friendly home, renewable energy, clothing, growing fruit and vegetables, ethical shopping and recycling. It is a well-written interesting, entertaining and encouraging read, as well as being a source of guidance and information. Full Review


Review of

I Count by

5star.jpg Home and Family

A breezy, upbeat book that will get your feet on the path towards a carbon-reduced lifestyle. It's easy to follow, has great advice and is full of humour. I Count would make a wonderfully virtuous gift but is perhaps a little too graphics intensive for some. Full Review


Review of

Shopped by Joanna Blythman

4star.jpg Politics and Society

This is scary stuff. Shopped is a shocking indictment of just how little choice supermarket consumers really have and a very frightening analysis of the cost of that lack of choice. This should be required reading for all British consumers. Read it and weep. Still better, read it and do something about it. Full Review


Review of

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

4star.jpg Popular Science

More than just an anti-pesticide, pro-environment polemic, Silent Spring has lyricism and beauty too. The seeds of Jim Lovelock's Gaia theory began with Carson's "web of life". For anyone interested in green issues, this book is a must-read. Full Review


Review of

On Guerrilla Gardening: A Handbook for Gardening Without Boundaries by Richard Reynolds

5star.jpg Home and Family

Guerrilla gardening is a form of direct action, reclaiming abandoned land and giving it a new purpose. It is also a political stance, challenging issues of land ownership, the misuse of urban land and the deterioration of the urban environment. This informative, entertaining and inspiring book outlines the history of the movement and gives many examples of individuals who have strived to make a difference. Highly recommended. Full Review


Review of

Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning by George Monbiot

5star.jpg Politics and Society

Heat is a powerful and practical exhortation to save the planet, and ourselves. There is a lot of science, a lot of maths, and a lot of technology, but it's written with a journalist's ease and some wit mixed with the rancour. Buy it today. Full Review


Review of

The Everyday Activist by Michael Norton

4star.jpg Home and Family

A bible for people who want to make a difference however big or small. There's all the information you'll need to enthuse yourself and to organise the sort of changes that can make the world a better place. Full Review


Review of

After the Flood by L S Matthews

5star.jpg Confident Readers

A beautiful fable set in a post-fossil fuel Britain. It combines a slightly dystopian future existence with a story of a precious relationship. Beautifully told with an elegant but piercing simplicity. Full Review


Review of

The Food We Eat by Joanna Blythman

4.5star.jpg Popular Science

If you can get hold of a copy of this book it really could change your life. You'll realise just how poor some of the food you've been eating really is and you'll have the knowledge to make informed and better choices. It's ten years old but still worth reading. Full Review


Review of

Eating by Peter Singer and Jim Mason

4star.jpg Politics and Society

Eating is an honest, searing deconstruction of modern food production. Its strength lies in its deconstruction of very complex issues. However, it is too US-centred to be the best primer for a British shopper interested in taking the first steps along an ethical path. Full Review

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