Promotion Packages for Self-Publishing Authors

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It's many years since Bookbag increased the prices we charge self-publishing authors and - despite our expenses increasing - we plan to hold them at their present level for as long as possible.

Promotion Package

If you’re self publishing (and this includes any situation where an author makes a contribution towards the cost of publication), promoting can be hard, hard work. Your budget is often more of a shoestring, mainstream media doesn’t have room for you, and you struggle to get your book the exposure it needs to do well. Bookbag can help. We offer a review package to self publishers, which can help make your book more visible. Our site attracts about 80,000 unique visitors every month. Page views number more than 500,000. We have a strong presence on Twitter with more than 26,500 followers including lots of industry professionals.

Starting 2013, we also produce an annual list of the best ten self published/indie books we have reviewed over the course of the year. A feature article for each list is permanently displayed on the site and promoted through Twitter. This extra promotion - and praise! - could help to give your book longevity. For us, it's a way to show our commitment to this growing market sector.

We can give your book real coverage: a high quality and independent review permanently on the web, a complete picture of you as its author, and invaluable exposure to consumers and industry professionals alike. Why not give us a try?

Our review package:

For books with under 10,000 words: £60
10,000 to 49,999 words: £80
50,000 to 99,999 words: £100
100,000 and over: £120 plus £10 for each additional 10,000 words over 120,000

Our package for self-publishers includes:

Independent, objective review of your book posted permanently on, together with links to purchase from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

A dedicated author page at, with image, brief biography and weblink, together with a link to our review of your book.

Exposure for your book and our review on our homepage for 1 week.

Points to note

We will provide a full-length, unbiased review exactly as we would for any book from a mainstream publisher. No account will be taken of the fact that payment has been made to secure the review or that the book is self published - in fact these points will not be mentioned.

The copyright of the review rests with the reviewer but you will be entitled to quote from the review on any websites, in your own publicity material and on book covers. You can also link to the full review from any websites. Whilst we can't make any guarantees before we've seen the book, we do try and give you some useful quotes within the review.

We'll need a finished copy of your book but we're happy to work with either a hard or a digital copy. We also work from a .pdf. Also - we don't accept proofs after the date of publication.

You may wish to have more than one book reviewed: if you let us know the details we can quote reduced prices for our package.

If you need a currency converter you can find one here.

If you wish to go ahead please Email us and we'll send details of how payment can be made and the address to which your book should be sent.

Reader's Report

If you would like us to look at you book before publication we can offer a reader's report. This provides a detailed critique of your book, covering structure, style and marketability. Fiction reports will also discuss plot, characters and dialogue. Non-fiction reports will especially look at presentation and accessibility of data. We will concentrate on areas we feel need improvement and give encouragement throughout. Please email us for prices and include some information about your book, including the genre and number of words in your manuscript.

If you've any further questions please don't hesitate to ask and regardless of what you decide to do we wish you every success with your book.

If your book is being published traditionally, you'll find the information you require here.

You will find a note about why we charge for reviews of self-published books here.

We can help you to consider whether it's better to get your book traditionally published or to self-publish.

If you'd like to advertise with us you'll find the information here.