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We're dog lovers here at Bookbag Towers, well, apart from those who prefer cats and we've found some wonderful books to share with you. There's fiction and non-fiction and something for every age group. Why not tell us about your favourites?


Review of

The Dog by Kerstin Ekman

5star.jpg Literary Fiction

A classic story of the development of a bond between a man and a wild dog - beautifully told with no sentimentality and highly recommended. It's the book that no dog lover should be without. Full Review


Review of

The Dog Whisperer by Graeme Sims

4.5star.jpg Pets

An excellent book about training your dog. The method requires a considerable amount of time and patience but pays dividends. Unusually for a book of the type it is very readable with some wonderful cartoons which left me howling with laughter. Highly recommended. Full Review


Review of

Call of the Wild by Jack London

4.5star.jpg Confident Readers

For confident readers, teens and adults too, The Call Of The Wild is a timeless classic. It has a challenging, but appropriate vocabulary, great pace and high romance in bucketloads. Bookbag recommends it for reading aloud to children in early primary school years and for reading alone for confident late primary readers and teens and adults of all ages. Full Review


Review of

Dogs by Emily Gravett

5star.jpg For Sharing

This is the perfect book for any adult or child who loves dogs - or who might learn to! A gentle story with a neat twist in the tail will stand the test of time. It's highly recommended for the two-to-a-hundred-and-two age group. Full Review


Review of

Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres

4star.jpg General Fiction

Red Dog is a lovely little piece of modern folklore suitable for adults and younger readers just beginning to find their feet with books for grown ups. It follows its eponymous hero's adventure through Western Australia in a timeless tale of the littlest of lives. Full Review


Review of

Old Dogs by Gene Weingarten and Michael S Williamson (Photographer)

5star.jpg Pets

Any dog lover will adore this book. It's a celebration in wonderful words and stunning photographs of the older dog. The occasional sad moment is far outweighed by the laughter. Highly recommended. Full Review


Review of

Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough

5star.jpg For Sharing

Fantastic picture book, with humour and magic; good rhythm, simple but well flowing rhyme, great illustrations and a huge feel-good factor. Suitable from about 2 years old, but 3 to 5 year olds would appreciate it most. Full Review


Review of

Life with Beau: A Tale of a Dog and His Family by Anna Quindlen

4.5star.jpg Pets

As Beau nears the end of his life Anna Quindlen looks at what he has meant to the family and what they have learnt from him. In the hands of a lesser writer it could be trite but it's elegant, witty and with a real eye for detail and social nuance. Highly recommended. Full Review


Review of

The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell

4star.jpg Pets

It's not quick-fix dog training but a way of life that you have to adopt with your dog. If you do, you'll both have a happier and more rewarding time. The book is simply written and easy to read. Recommended. Full Review


Review of

RSPCA Complete Dog Care Manual by Dr Bruce Fogle

4.5star.jpg Pets

A comprehensive book on dog care written by a vet. It takes you through from choosing a puppy to the care of the elderly dog and gives loads of sensible advice. If you have a dog it's one to buy and keep close to hand – it's saved the life of one of our dogs on a couple of occasions. Full Review

And a late entry which we couldn't resist:


Review of

One Dog and His Man by Mike Henley

4star.jpg Pets

Narrated by Oberon the Labrador and accompanied by cartoons from Larry, it's a book to produce laughter and wry smiles from any dog lover. Full Review

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