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Ah, summer's here. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, the weather is gorgeous, and the planes flying overhead look mighty tempting. What's nicer than lying on the beach with a book, soaking up the sun and losing yourself in a good book. Kerry's picked her favourite holiday reads for women. Men can check out the Top Ten Beach Reads For Boys. (Of course, there's nothing stopping men enjoying these choices and vice versa!) Why not tell us about your favourites?


Review of

The Beach by Alex Garland

4.5star.jpg General Fiction

You really should read this book before you see the film as there's distinctly more to it. An absorbing read which you'll go back to time and time again. Highly recommended. Full Review


Review of

The Gypsy Tearoom by Nicky Pellegrino

3.5star.jpg Women's Fiction

An enchanting look at the way of life in a small Italian town, brought to life with fabulous descriptions of the scenery and the food. Unrequited love and a hearty helping of lust keep the story going strong throughout. Full Review


Review of

The Motherhood Walk of Fame by Shari Low

4.5star.jpg Women's Fiction

Bored with her steady family life, Carly jumps at the chance to go out to LA to pitch her work to studio bigwigs, but family troubles and a gorgeous ex boyfriend turned movie star soon start to scupper her plans. Full Review


Review of

Body Surfing by Anita Shreve

4.5star.jpg Literary Fiction

After divorcing one husband and being widowed by another Sydney takes a job as a tutor in a beach-front house. This story of what happens when simmering tensions are left unresolved is highly recommended by Bookbag. Full Review


Review of

Where the River Ends by Charles Martin

4.5star.jpg Women's Fiction

A weepy and a romance as Chris takes his dying wife on a trip down the river. A light read but highly recommended for holiday reading. Full Review


Review of

Shorty Loves Wing Wong by Michael Smith

3star.jpg Autobiography

Michael Smith looks back on his youth, growing up in the grim north of England in this unusual take on a memoir. Full Review


Review of

The Palace of Strange Girls by Sallie Day

4star.jpg General Fiction

An evocative story set in the nineteen fifties which had this former visitor to Blackpool smelling the salt again. With a good story line and excellent characters it's highly recommended. Full Review


Review of

Beachcombing by Maggie Dana

4star.jpg Women's Fiction

A coming-of-middle-age story when Jill Hunter gives up her friends, her business and possibly her home for the man she loves and then finds that there's a but... It's much better than chick lit and definitely recommended. Full Review


Review of

The Other Hand by Chris Cleave

5star.jpg General Fiction

Little Bee lives the Asylum Detention Centre full of hope for her new life in England. She is going to meet up with the only people she knows in this country. When she calls to say she is coming, the welcome is not entirely what she'd hoped. The lives of two women become inextricably linked by one chance meeting in the worst of all possible circumstances. Full Review


Review of

Heartburn by Nora Ephron

4star.jpg Generl Fiction

A thinly-disguised fictionalisation of the breakup of her marriage to Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein delivers epicure and epithet. Recommended. Full Review

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Judy Astley said:

You seem accidentally to have omitted from this list Other People's Husbands by Judy Astley.

love from Judy Astley.

Sue replied:

What an ommission! Let's add a bonus book:


Review of

Other People's Husbands by Judy Astley

3.5star.jpg General Fiction

Conrad, a famous and successful artist is 25 years older than his wife and he wonders if he really wants to be there for his forthcoming seventieth birthday. A heart-warming and gentle look at the relationships between husbands and wives. Recommended. Full Review