How to find a job in Poland on your own

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One of the most convenient ways for citizens of the Slavic republics of the former Soviet Union to earn a decent sum of money is to work as an employee in Poland. It should be noted that wages in Poland are not as high as in Finland or Norway, but the price level is much lower and working conditions are quite acceptable.

Those foreigners who are planning to go to work and want to find out how to find a job in Poland on your own should read the information presented on the website Here you can find a large number of vacancies from various employers, who not only offer jobs with the possibility of further employment, but also help you to learn the Polish language.

The most sought-after professions and occupations in Poland

The largest universities in Poland have carried out surveys, which have resulted in identifying the most sought-after professions in the Polish economy.

According to the findings, the greatest number of employees is required in the following economic areas:

• IT technology;
• maritime industry;
• engineering;
• - medicine;
• accounting and banking;
• electrical engineering.

If your profession or speciality does not match the list, it does not mean that it is impossible to find a job in Poland with decent pay and conditions. You just have to spend a bit more time and effort - you always need workers in Poland in nearly all fields.

Ways of finding a job in Poland

When choosing a job in Poland you should take into consideration your skills and your salary. It is better to aim at a salary not lower than 1,7€. If you want, you can work 10 - 12 hours per day instead of 8. It is possible to find a job with or without accommodation. In the first case, the company or landlord pays for the accommodation. This saves on the cost of a place to sleep in a hostel.

Some jobseekers come across scammers. To avoid being cheated, you should check prospective employers. You can take advice from your relatives and acquaintances who already work in Poland, search for reviews on the Internet.

The best way to get a job is through your friends and relatives already working for Polish companies. If it is not possible, you can search for vacancies on the Internet. It is best to look on Polish job portals, where you can find more information and direct employers.

Recruitment agencies are the surest way to find a job in Poland. It is particularly suitable for newcomers. Agency employees will not only offer you several vacancies, but will also provide services for your relocation. They can help you to fill in documents and applications and register you at a visa application centre. You must pay a fee for the employment agency's services.

Job seekers should be aware that in order to get a well-paid job you need to know Polish. You can only get a low-skilled job without knowledge of the state language. Such jobs are usually offered at a minimum hourly wage. A foreigner who doesn't speak the official language will have difficulties changing jobs, finding accommodation and communicating in everyday life. All highly qualified professionals must know Polish.