Favourite Deadly Facts by Steve Backshall

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Favourite Deadly Facts by Steve Backshall

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Category: Children's Non-Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Sam Tyler
Reviewed by Sam Tyler
Summary: Steve Backshall and the Deadly team have gathered together all their favourite animal facts into one volume that will keep a fan of facts busy for hours.
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Pages: 304 Date: July 2015
Publisher: Orion Children's Books
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 9781444015393

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Many people have wondered what limbo must feel like. I for one think it will be like being trapped on a long car journey with an enthusiastic child clasping a bumper book of facts. There is nothing quite like a book about how long, how short or how wide something is to put a certain type of child in clover. This type of book should come with a warning sticker on the front as any nearby adult is going to get their ear talked off, especially if it is a bumper fact book.

Deadly 60 is a popular animal show for children that stars Steve Backshall as he comes across some of the most dangerous animals in their own habitats. Many books have been released alongside the show and as the likes of Deadly Pole to Pole Diaries attest, they are usually very good. Favourite Deadly Facts is less of an adventure and more a series of facts taken from four books already published in the series which cover mammals, fish, insects and reptiles.

A child's enjoyment of Favourite Deadly Facts will depend a lot on what type of reader they are. There is no narrative to follow, but a series of chapters each containing an abundance of facts with some full colour photos showing the animal in question. The book looks colourful and is easy to read for a child who is confident, but there is an onslaught of information. This book is not suitable for a youngster who prefers to follow a type or group of animals through their life cycle as it leaps from animal to animal plucking obscure titbits from the ether and throwing them onto the page.

A curious reader will want to know more and here they will become a little unstuck. Although there are some small extended sections with further information and an index, it will be up to the child to explore elsewhere to know more about their favourite new predators. Igniting passions and curiosity in a child should not be discouraged, just be prepared as the adult to try and answer some questions on some rather obscure beasts – perhaps an internet connection will come in handy?

As mentioned, this is a compilation book with information and images already present in other (thinner) books. If you own these, then Favourite Deadly Facts is not really needed, but if you have yet to buy any, this is a great start. For the right type of 6-10 year old this book is a bonanza of information that they will inhale and then spout out to anyone in earshot. This was certainly the case for me as I was trapped in a car with a 9 year old reading this book. A great non-fiction title, for the right child.

You can check out other books by Steve Backshall; Predators or Deadly Pole to Pole Diaries.

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