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Beth Webb's dad made up bedtime stories for her and her sister, so she learned at a very early age that stories come out of heads as well as books.

Beth's first published piece was for a pop magazine when she was 14. She met and interviewed the brilliant Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band and was paid 3 guineas for the piece (about £25!). After studying Sociology and Psychology at Uni in Bradford, where she learned to eat curry with her fingers, Beth spent three and a half years as a hippy, living in communes in the Netherlands, where she learned to eat raw herring, and Germany where she discovered the joys of beer and sauerkraut. Eventually Beth decided it was time to grow up and get a job, so she returned to the UK and became a radio journalist and producer for LBC in London. She also freelanced for the BBC, working on Woman's Hour and the World Service.

When she married and had her four children, Beth started writing for them, and her first book, The Magic in the Pool of Making was published in 1992. Fourteen titles have followed on, including the three Fleabag books, The Dragons of Kilve (all for children) and her YA historical fantasies: Star Dancer and Fire Dreamer (Macmillan, 2006/7) and Wave Hunter and Stone Keeper (March Hamilton).

In 2000, Beth completed her MA in Creative Writing (Bath Spa).

She is also an illustrator, and has helped produce 30 titles for 'Books Beyond Words', books for adults with learning disabilities.

Disbelieved is Beth's first YA crime thriller and was written with the help of a friendly CSI and the support of her awesome creative writing students, the 'Kilvites'.

Beth lives in Somerset and you can find out lots more about her work at