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Eva Pascoe is one of the contributors to "22 Ideas About The Future"

She is a co-founder of world's first Internet Cafe 'Cyberia' and pioneer of Ecommerce, having founded the first fashion ecom store for She is an investor and mentor on Blockchain Accelerator Black Dojo where she supports start ups exploring new currencies, payment methods and Identity on line.

Fun Fact - she had had a cameo role in Virtual Nightclub, world's first Metaverse meeting/clubbing space funded by Philips, lead by now legendary Olaf Wendt who went on to develop CGI for many Hollywood animation movies.

VNC was launched in 1995, that is how far back Metaverse idea really is ;-) Eva writes fables and flash fiction stories about near future. Hers is a pragmatic rather than distopian view of tech, as a long -standing Wikipedia editor, there is a hint of hope in her approach that something good will come out of this new tech, not just a string of disappointments but also opportunities (as in her story in The Summoned).

Other stories in 22 Ideas are much more dystopian, and personalise the impact of datafication on our near-future everyday life.

Wikipedia :

Please note, that there is a good number of female contributors to the book, women are still a tiny minority in near-future sci-fi and forecasting, including Jule Owen, Wendy Grossman, Britta Schulte and dr Jane Norris. We also had commissioned writers from Hawaii, Serbia, Germany and Poland so the book has a good international perspective, not just Anglo-saxon view of the future.

The project was coordinated by Dr Christine Aicardi from King's College London, head of Ethical AI research program, with Stephen Oram (sci-fi writer and forecasting expert) as Lead Editor