Betrayed by Geoffrey Arnold

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Betrayed by Geoffrey Arnold

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Category: Science Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luke Marlowe
Reviewed by Luke Marlowe
Summary: The journey of the Quantum Twins continues in Betrayed - a read that separates the twins and allows them to develop in an intriguing fashion, allowing Arnold to explore humanity by way of an ever complex range of science-fiction themes.
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Pages: 440 Date: December 2018
Publisher: Troubador Publishing
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1789016529

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In an extension of the story begun by Geoffrey Arnold in Ripped Apart, he continues to tell the story of the Quantum twins. Born on a parallel world, these genetically identical twins interfered with an experiment and were hurtled through space-time to our earth - and a series of adventures ensued in the following books. When we rejoin them in Betrayed we find Tullia struggling to adapt to life in the bush - adopted by a Bushman family and made part of a tribe. Twin Qwelby however, is not doing so well - shocked by the violence on the earth. Rescued by an old friend, he then tries to help a girl called Xaala - but her ulterior motives may well prove to drive a wedge between the twins as they try to reconnect...

It's safe to say that the Quantum Twins series isn't for everyone - it has high concepts and introduces elements that I initially struggled to get to grips with - particularly the idea that this isn't fiction, but stories told to author Geoffrey Arnold by the twins themselves. Looking past that though, there are some ideas here that make for good reading - with the twins being placed in increasingly different situations, and allowing Arnold to utilise science fiction concepts whilst letting the reader see the world through the eyes of the twins - an idealism and innocence that Arnold captures in writing that, whilst I still think the series overall could do with a little editing, is clear, descriptive, and moves the plot along at a rapid pace. I imagine this and the rest of the series would work quite well as audiobooks - the descriptive prose perhaps working best read out aloud, and, I think when combined with Arnold's world-building and character development, would actually make for an engrossing listen.

Having read a number of books in this series, it's clear that Arnold has put a lot of time into developing the twins as they adapt to the new situations they find themselves in, and that aspect is hugely rewarding to read. Combined with the introduction of interesting characters from a variety of backgrounds here, it ensures that Arnold holds the readers' attention throughout - even if I felt that some plot elements could have been eliminated, and others expanded.

Overall though, this is a well-planned expansion on a series that continues to move in interesting and unexpected directions. Told with passion, heart and some pleasant prose, this is a series that should appeal to fans of the genre, and delight those who enjoy considered, character-driven science fiction. For further reading I'd recommend starting with Ripped Apart - the first in the Quantum Twins series and where the reader can meet the twins at the start of their journey. You might also enjoy Through Violet Eyes (Violet Series) by Stephen Woodworth

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