Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong

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Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong

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Category: Paranormal
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Loralei Haylock
Reviewed by Loralei Haylock
Summary: The Cainsville series continues at a fast pace, with more murders to solve and more paranormal intrigue. The most interesting thing remains the developing relationships between the three main characters, in what is most definitely not just a typical love triangle. Thrilling and intriguing in equal measure.
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Pages: 432 Date: August 2016
Publisher: Sphere
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-0751561234

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Liv Taylor-Jones has come a long way since she discovered her parents were not her biological parents – that her biological parents were in fact convicted serials killers. But while she's coming to an understanding about her fae heritage, the strange visions that are a part of that, she's not yet ready to make the choice that destiny would have her make.

Because Liv is destined to play the part of Matlida in a drama that has repeated itself over and over again, with her boss and friend Gabriel and her boyfriend Ricky playing Matilda's friends Gwynn and Arawn. In the past, Matilda made a fateful choice between them, and the Tylwyth Teg of Cainsville and the Cwn Annwn need Liv to make the same choice now.

But Liv isn't interested in losing Ricky or Gabriel, and in the meantime, there are murders to solve. A man is killing young girls in a ritualistic manner, and Ricky has been framed for the crimes, which means Gabriel, Liv and Ricky will need to work together to get to the truth of things before Ricky ends up charged with a crime he didn't commit.

The Cainsville series continues at the breathless pace it started at. While the intrigue of the paranormal isn't quite as driving a force as it was in the initial books – now we know a little more of what's going on, it seems less important, more normal somehow – the relationship between the three main characters continues to push you through the pages at a pace.

It's a triangle unlike any love triangle I've ever read, where the three characters all love and respect each other in their own ways, and the push and pull of the past, the tragedies of the Matildas, Gwynns and Arawns that have gone before, keep Liv, Gabriel and Ricky balanced on a knifepoint. One wrong move and the delicate arrangement they have could come undone. And I'm not, as I usually am in a love triangle situation, heavily invested in one character over the other. I like both Ricky and Gabriel, and both could be good for Liv in different ways. Their battle to continue as friends, and partners – business and romantic – is the emotional core of a story that could otherwise be depressing, with all the death and ritualistic killing.

My only real downside with the book is the open-endedness of the series. It could keep going and going, and I'm not sure how much longer my interest will be maintained if there isn't forwards motion in the overarching plot. I'm a little fatigued by ritualistic serial killers and would like the promise of some resolution soon. But that aside, the series continues to be strong and inventive in how it handles the paranormal elements. Fans of Kelley Armstrong will no doubt devour.

It's a book for teenager readers, but if you're looking for something else that explores the weird and wonderful Fae, you might enjoy The Call by Peadar o Guilin.

Kelley Armstrong's Cainsville Series in Chronological Order

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