Ambition by Immodesty Blaize

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Ambition by Immodesty Blaize

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Category: Women's Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Katie Pullen
Reviewed by Katie Pullen
Summary: Sienna Starr is a Vegas showgirl determined to make it big in this fabulous over the top tale of glitz, glamour, sex, excess, revenge, and of course ambition. Immodesty Blaize deserves her title as the new Jackie Collins as this is one well-written, sharply observed, insightful and explosive read.
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Pages: 448 Date: October 2010
Publisher: Ebury Press Ltd
ISBN: 978-0091930073

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Las Vegas Showgirl Sienna Starr has got it made. Her career is set to flourish when she lands her dream role in Vegas' top show, she has great friends, a fabulous home, and a red hot sex life with her rich and gorgeous boyfriend Max. But as Sienna starts her new job at the Follies Casino under the eyes of Vegas' most powerful showgirl Brandy Alexander, she soon becomes surrounded by people who are not only envious of her, but are more ruthless and ambitious than she could ever be.

Although determined to make it under her own merit, rather than riding on the rhinestoned coat tails of her mother Tiger, a Vegas legend, Sienna's high hopes for success begin to take a back seat as she becomes embroiled in the turbulent lives of those closest to her. Behind all the glamour, feathers, rhinestones and make up Sienna's world is soon full of secrets, lies, drugs, gambling and revenge. Is Sienna just too much of a nice girl to survive in the seedy undercurrent of Vegas?

Sienna is pretty much the only character in this novel who doesn't have anything to hide. She is down to earth, sweet and somewhat naïve at times, seeing the good in all who surround her, even giving those who have done her wrong a second chance. She is presented as a determined young woman keen to reach the pinnacle of a showgirl's career but at times I wasn't completely convinced by this as she becomes easily distracted from her ambitions when those around her need her. She also cries a bit too much for my liking at times, and I did wonder if someone living such a competitive life with her supposed ambitions would be so ruled by her emotions.

Although Sienna is the nicest character I could not help but be drawn to some of the more complex personas surrounding her, including the bitchy Brandy Alexander who hides a very shady past, the backstabbing Paige who is something of a mystery, and the brilliant Paolo who seems incidental to begin with, but soon becomes a major character in a way that although unbelievable, certainly fits with the theatrical world of Vegas.

Vegas itself jumps off the page in all its gaudy excess and its clear Blaize knows this world inside out from her own burlesque career. She's not afraid to give us both sides of Vegas' personality from the glamour and glitz of the showgirls and their outfits covered in rhinestones and feathers, the wealth and excess of the casinos, to the world behind the scenes where prostitution, drugs, eating disorders, and gambling debts are abundant. She's also not afraid to tackle the universal debate that women who work as strippers are exploited, refreshingly quashing this swiftly by expressing that it's just a job like any other.

My only problem with this otherwise excellent read is that at times there were perhaps a few too many storylines happening at once, or storylines that were left for a few chapters before being picked up again. Generally I enjoyed Blaize's ability to juggle and interweave plots but I had to flip back a few times to remind myself of events which was a little frustrating. Thankfully she pulls it all together rather expertly and somewhat explosively come the end.

Anyone who has been a fan of Jackie Collin's Vegas novels will certainly find plenty to enjoy in Ambition with its vibrant characters, glamour and entertaining plot. It's pure escapism, and a brilliant antidote to today's money conscious economic climate.

I'd like to thank the publisher for sending a copy to The Bookbag.

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