We'll Never Know by Matthew Tree

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We'll Never Know by Matthew Tree

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Category: Literary Fiction
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Jill Murphy
Reviewed by Jill Murphy
Summary: A science journalist and his ex, an investigative journalist, find themselves pursuing a joint story about researchers on a secret government project dying very shortly after they retire. A blend of thriller, sci fi and eroticism, an absorbing and satisfying, and above all, well-written, read.
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Pages: 217 Date: February 2024
Publisher: Independent
ISBN: 979-8873533862

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Timothy Wyndham wants nothing more than to be different from his father, a drunk and chronic underachiever whose dreams of being exceptional at any of his artistic passions all failed miserably and who had endless crises of self confidence. So Tim applied himself to his studies, cultivated his abilities rather than his daydreams and set himself high but achievable ambitions.

After college, he avoided intensely competitive academia and became a science journalist. He wrote a couple of best-selling popular science books and now in his mid thirties, runs a well received scientific Q&A column in a broadsheet newspaper. He's a pompous and self-satisfied man who spends his free time seducing, banging, and dumping a succession of the newspaper's fresh-faced female interns. His current target is Adalyn, a new intern with flame-red hair and a slightly strange but very entrancing way about her.

Tim is used to letters and emails from over-invested readers but Melissa Hogg is the most insistent of them all. A middle-aged woman banging on about secret government projects and unexplained phenomena? Tim initially rolls his eyes. But it turns out that there is a secret government project and its researchers are dying in unexplained numbers. Tim's colleague and (somewhat bitter) ex-girlfriend Cathy Edge decides to investigate and pulls Tim along with her.

Meanwhile, Tim has succeeded in seducing Adalyn. Or is it the other way around? And the sex is both the best and the strangest that Tim has ever had. He can't stop thinking about it.

What ties it all together? Read on to find out!

We'll Never Know is a blend of thriller, sci-fi and eroticism. And it works really well because you're not sure which is dominant until you get to the end of the story. Government conspiracy? Alien infiltration? Or just a good excuse for some excellent bonking? You'll enjoy the journey and the end might well surprise you.

Tim's character arc is the strongest. He really does start out as a patronising and pompous sexist man whose self satisfaction blinds him to where his life has gone just as wrong as his father's, simply in a different way. He has to develop humility. The book is beautifully written in lovely flowing prose and with great dialogue, and the pace is wonderfully controlled. Tree has packed a great deal into just over two hundred pages and I really enjoyed the discipline in the storytelling.


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