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MATTHEW TREE was born in London at the tail end of 1958.

He taught himself Catalan in 1979. He has lived in Barcelona since 1984.

For literary reasons of his own, in 1990 he stopped writing in English and switched to Catalan, in which language he has so far published ten books, including two novels, a collection of short stories, an autobiography, two books on Catalonia, a rant against work, and a personal essay on racism. In 2000, he began writing in English again, in which language he completed a novel (Private Country, published in Catalan and Spanish) and a slice of autobiography (Calling Card') - extracts of both books have been aired in English in various literary magazines, in Scotland, Canada and Catalonia – as well as publishing the non-fiction works What's Barcelona? and, Barcelona, Catalonia. A View From The Inside (2011). He has regular columns in the EL PUNT AVUI newspaper and the magazine Catalonia Today, and is an occasional contributor to the Times Literary Supplement. He has recently published a novel in English, SNUG (2014), which he is now promoting like hell. He is also currently working on a new novel (in English), and has plans for at least one more.

You can email Matthew, or find him at his website or the one created especially for Snug. He's also on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information, contact Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency.