Stupid Baby by Stephanie Blake

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Stupid Baby by Stephanie Blake

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Category: For Sharing
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Ruth Ng
Reviewed by Ruth Ng
Summary: A funny take on the trials of a new baby arriving in the house. Bright, bold and also rather touching!
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Pages: 36 Date: May 2013
Publisher: Gecko Press
ISBN: 978-1877579318

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Simon (a rabbit) has a new baby brother. Suddenly Simon is being cautioned for being too noisy. He begins to worry that this 'stupid baby', who has been there for three whole days might actually be staying forever! And that would be horrible! How on earth will Simon cope?

It's a familiar problem in many families - what happens to the older child when a new baby arrives in the house. Simon the rabbit is, I would guess, of toddler age. He decides, in true toddler fashion, that if the baby does stay then he (Simon) will poo everywhere, in protest! His parents give him lots of love, reassuring him and giving him lots of goodnight hugs, but still when Simon goes to bed he can't sleep. He starts worrying about a big bad wolf, and then all sorts of wolves, and then he worries that they are right outside, all ready to eat him up! He goes to his parents room to try and get in bed with them, and I love the dad's reaction, in capital letters, of ABSOLUTELY NOT! When Simon goes back outside he hears some funny gurgling and babbling noises, so he goes in to see his 'stupid baby'. Simon decides his baby brother needs protecting from the big bad wolves, and so he takes him into bed with him.

There's something rather charming about this story, and something endearing about naughty little Simon. I love that he refers to the baby as 'stupid baby' because it's such an honest reaction to what seems, to him, an unfair situation! I thought his worries were well expressed, and with humour too, and the ending is very sweet, seeing the two bunnies tucked up in bed together. I was a little bit concerned, however, with the ending in that I wouldn't want to pass on the message to a little one that it's okay to pick the baby sibling up and carry them into their bed...I know many a toddler who would take something like that literally! I suppose it does open up the way for you to have a conversation with your little one about safety and holding tiny babies!

The illustrations are bright and bold, and Simon's expressions are very easy for little ones to understand. I love that he is dressed as a superhero in a cape and mask for half of the book! The pictures are large and clear, so this is one of those books you could easily hold up in playgroup to read aloud to a group of children. The occasional references to bums and poo will certainly go down well with those who've reached that giggly stage. The way the text is printed guides you to give emphasis to some of the words and phrases, encouraging a loud 'Ka-Boom' from the rocket for example!

It is, of course, a great story to give to an older sibling, perhaps before the baby arrives, to enable that awkward discussion about how things might change when the new baby arrives. However, it is also just a funny story that any toddler will enjoy and understand.

For more new baby stories try the lovely There's a House Inside My Mummy by Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabban or The Baby (But I'd Have Liked a Hamster) by India Knight and Jessica Meserve or I Want a Sister (Little Princess) by Tony Ross

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