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I retired in 2004 following the sales of my software company and Audi/VW car dealerships. I’d always thought about writing and so, in 2006, I joined a Creative Writing class with an outstanding tutor. I still attend weekly. I cut my teeth on writing my autobiography, B Positive! in 2010. This proved to be a great learning curve and introduction to the world of writing which has since become my passion.

I graduated to writing crime dramas with the themes of obsession, revenge and justice. I’d always been interested in the law and attended many murder trials at the Old Bailey. The capacity of ‘ordinary’ people who become motivated to carry out extraordinary acts never ceases to amaze me.

I’m delighted to have received wonderful reviews and won several awards for my debut novel, Blazing Obsession: a silver medal from The Wishing Shelf and a Top Ten place in Bookbag’s self-published novels in 2014. I expect to launch my second book, Reckless Obsession (a sequel but can also be read as a stand-alone novel) in March 2018.