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Chick lit often gets a bad name, but we don't see why. Girls like girlie things. Boys like, um, what do boys like? Fart jokes? Well, girls don't. They like love stories, and rivalries, and chocolate, and bonding. Teen girls are no different, and good for them. Here are some great examples of chick lit for them. Why not tell us about your favourites?

Planet Janet by Dyan Sheldon


An excellent, imaginative and lively account of 16 year old Janet's hectic, confusing and sometimes quite hilarious run through life. Full review...

Pretty Face by Mary Hogan


Hayley is not especially content in her current life, and comfort eats her way to happiness, so is thrilled with the chance to spend the summer abroad, away from her family while she tried to get a handle on her eating habits. But with the destination being the Pizza, Pasta and Gelato soaked Italy, this won't be as easy as she imagines. Full review...

Sea Change by Kate Cann


A fabulous mix of stunning scenery, scrumptious food and irresistible bad boys, this tale of the highs and lows of friendship is un-put-down-able. Full review...

The Boy Book by Emily Lockhart


A poor kid at a posh school, Ruby is a spirited, witty, highly intelligent girl who tackles boy troubles and friend troubles head on in an attempt to survive her penultimate high school year. Full review...

Good Girls by Laura Ruby


One moment of indiscretion threatens to ruin Audrey's final year of school, but as she struggles through, she realises that life does go on and that she can survive the unthinkable. A rare, breathtaking book about the inner turmoil of girls teetering on the edge of adulthood, unsure whether to jump before they're pushed. Full review...

Accidental Friends by Helena Pielichaty


A brilliant book inspired by the ancient game of consequences, this is a great read about what happens to a group of teenagers as a result of a chance meeting. Full review...

A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl by Tanya Lee Stone


A brilliant, novel book that shows 3 girls' perspectives on falling for the same wrong boy, this is a fast read that's hard to put down. Full review...

The Kissing Club by Julia Clarke


A fresh and funny story about a girl who takes a vow of chastity and then, whoops, ends up a teenage mother. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds, and is a brilliant, engaging read. Full review...

Gone Missing by Jean Ure


Another of Jean Ure's brand of light, issue-based in which everythings turns out well in the end. Highly recommended for late primary and early secondary children who like realism, but nothing too demanding. Full review...

Livin' La Vida Lola by Lisa Clark


Lola Love's a funky chica who doesn't know what to do with her summer holiday. She's on the lookout for new friends and interests, whilst still being her usual glamorous and fabulous self. The first fiction book based on Lola love is everything her fans would hope it to be. You can also read Bookbag's interview with Lisa Clark. Full review...

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