Top Ten Fantasy Books of 2013

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We've enjoyed some great fantasy books this year - and here's a selection of the best, in alphabetical order by author:

Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch


I’ve been waiting for Broken Homes to come out for months. Months. When it arrived on my doorstep, I whisked it away, cackling like Gollum over my new precious and was no use to anyone until I’d finished it. Then sat and thought about it for a while. Then re-read my favourite bits. The considered further. This is the conclusion I reached: if there are no further Peter Grant books, Mr Aaronovitch, you and I are going to have words. Full review...

Omens by Kelley Armstrong


A fantastic start to a new series that may disappoint Otherworld fans, but for those looking for a superb crime novel with a supernatural undercurrent, they don't get much better than this. Full review...

Dreams and Shadows by C Robert Cargill


One of the weirdest books we've ever read, in a really, really good way. As strange at times as the characters within its pages, but ultimately satisfying and an excellent exploration of the delights and horrors of the fairy world. Superb reading, highly recommended. Full review...

Herald of the Storm by Richard Ford


2013 seems to be a year for excellent fantasy debuts as here's another one. In this first of an epic series, we chew our nails and roll with the punches in a place called Steelhaven; a city on the verge of demise from an author on the verge of acclaim. Full review...

Chosen by Benedict Jacka


Alex Verus #4 has arrived showing no sign of subject fatigue. In fact once again this is the best instalment yet as Alex the seer collides with his dark past and Benedict Jacka matures as a writer. Full review...

Fade To Black by Francis Knight


A thoroughly enjoyable read with plenty of twists and turns, great characters, a brilliant setting and darkness enough to make the title perfectly apt. Highly recommended. Full review...

Promise of Blood (Powder Mage Trilogy) by Brian McClellan


War, magic, shape shifters, a few haunting pasts, swords, muskets and a cook… err… chef… who thinks he's a reincarnated god. Not just another epic fantasy but the McClellan debut fantasy and the first of a trilogy. Ripping!! Full review...

Blood Song: Book 1 of Raven's Shadow by Anthony Ryan


Originally a self-published sensation in the world of fantasy, now being advertised as the next mainstream publishing phenomenon and we agree wholeheartedly. 2013 is turning into the year of the superlative epic. Full review...

The Red Plague Affair by Lilith Saintcrow


Fabulous writing, setting, characters and an excellent plot to boot, this is fast paced, page turning steam punk at its very best. Highly recommended. Full review...

The Grim Company by Luke Scull


The gods are dead. The Magelords murdered them and hurled their bodies from heaven and are also slowly dominating the world below. Dorminia is already in their iron grasp, policed by the feared Crimson Watch and the terrorising Augmentors. It's not even safe to think as Mind Hawks monitor and punish with pain and suffering. However there is a resistance, albeit fragmented and comparatively impotent but the situation is worsening so they must make a stand or lose everything (and everyone) they love. Is the evil magic stronger than the heroes' own resources? They're dying to find out. Full review...


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