Top Ten Children's Picture Books 2016

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We've found some wondefful picture books this year and they#re all going to appeal to adults and children. Here they are in alphabetical order by author.

The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field


Books about scary beasts that turn out to be not so scary are immensely popular, and I blame Disney for how much of a hit this one is sure to be. The reason is sitting quietly on top of a rock on page five. Why, hello Mr Lion. Full review...

The Mouse that Cancelled Christmas by Madeleine Cook and Samara Hardy


When you think there can't possibly be a different way to tell a Christmas story for children, along comes Madeleine Cook and Samara Hardy with a tale of a mouse who was once injured at Christmas time. A falling bauble hit poor mouse and that was enough to convince mouse that Christmas meant danger. Mouse dons his hard-hat and high-visibility jacket to inspect the animal's village Christmas preparations. In true health and safety style, nothing is up to scratch: the star is too pointy; the tree too tall and the lights are too bright on the tree, not to even mention the spikiness of the pine needles. Quite frankly, Christmas is jolly well too dangerous, so mouse wants it cancelled. Full review...

The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson and Sara Ogilvie


Detective dog Nell, with her great sense of smell, is a rather remarkable dog! She works very hard from Tuesday to Sunday, finding lost things, like a ball down the toilet, and solving mysteries such as where is the lost shoe by sniffing it out. It's in the shed, actually, and if you look a little more closely you might start to suspect that actually Nell might have had more to do with these lost things and mysteries than she should have! Anyway, those are her busy days, but on Mondays she goes to school with Peter, and she listens to the children reading her books. She loves all sorts of books, about dinosaurs and princes and dragons and dogs, and she loves the smell of the books. So when she goes to school one Monday and finds that all the books are missing, Detective dog Nell is the one they need to help find all the books. Full review...

A Dog Called Bear by Diane Fox and Christyan Fox


Lucy had always wanted a dog and she'd been preparing for the moment when her dreams could come true for a long time: she'd read all the books, bought doggie things and her bedroom was plastered with doggie pictures. One day she set out to make her dream come true: accosting animals and presenting her credentials (there really is no other way of explaining it...) First up, a frog, who presents the counter arguments to dog ownership and then makes his own case, adding that he would only need a bath every day. Lucy's sorry, but she only has a shower... Full review...

Tidy by Emily Gravett


Pete the badger likes tidy. He does it very well. Well, perhaps it's a little bit too well. He's not content with checking all the flowers in the woodland and removing any which didn't quite match, he insists on brushing fox to remove all the brambles and burrs. I'm not certain that using a hedgehog to do this is really a good idea, but Pete seems to find it effective. All the birds have to be bathed, and their beaks clean and even the rocks are scoured and scrubbed. Leaves are a major problem: just think about all that sweeping up and all the bin bags of leaves which have to be stored. There is an obvious solution. Full review...

Quick Quack Quentin by Kes Gray and Jim Field


Quentin is a very downhearted duck because his quack is too quick. In fact all he can manage is a Quck. This will never do, so Quentin visits his local doctor to see if there is anything he can give him to make things better. Sadly, although the Doctor is swiftly able to diagnose Quentin's problem, he cannot provide what he needs. Quentin really needs an A so waddles off on search of one. On his journey he visits a succession of animals who, whilst being sympathetic to his plight and helpful in their own way, only manage to subtly change his problem rather than solve it. Therefore, poor Quentin's quest for the missing vowel continues. Full review...

Fred by Mick Inkpen and Chloe Inkpen


It's tricky being a puppy. There are so many things to try to understand, like sit, and stay, and fetch! Whilst the pup in this story has learned all of these tricky commands, and is doing very well at being a good boy, he is having some issues around the word 'Fred'...what on earth does everyone mean when they keep shouting it at him? Full review...

Life is Magic by Meg McLaren


It is not often that you pick up a book and feel the warmth and magic come of it. It is extremely rare in adult fiction, but in children's books you find it more often if you only look. Great illustrations and wonderful stories can combine to make a book that will entrance both a youngster and adult as they read together. When you find one of these books you should treasure it as it is something that may be read to your grandchildren in the future. Full review...

A Piglet Called Truffle by Helen Peters and Ellie Snowdon


Living on a farm, with her father who works as a farmer and a mother who is a farm-vet, Jasmine has spent all her young life learning how to care for animals. On a visit to a neighbouring farm, Jasmine is excited to see the new baby piglets. Expecting to see eleven piglets, she is stunned to find one extra - a tiny little runt hiding in the corner. Being smaller than her hand, the farmer has no sympathy and expects it to die by the end of the day. Of course, Jasmine can't allow this to happen. The story is then set for a struggle to save the smallest piglet, called Truffle. Full review...

Nibbles: The Book Monster by Emma Yarlett


If you are a bibliophile you have a fear that haunts your very dreams. What happens if your collection gets damp, or a mouse decides to take up residence? These things pale in comparison if you happen to find yourself with a Nibbles. This is a little guy that likes to nibble absolutely anything, but his favourite snack is books! Watch out as before you know it he will be gnawing his way into completely different stories. Full review...

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