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He dedicates a fair amount of time illustrating and critiquing the rise of self-help and therapy books, and I would say that ''Worrying'' might best be thought of as an alternative to such texts that often seem patronising, disappointing, and, as he argues, politically problematic. It is worth reading for many reasons, but surely because it treats worrying as a complex issue, that is to say, as a feeling which might have a lot of good stuff to be said about it. ''Worrying'' works because it's not all doom and gloom, it avoids self-pity, and manages to have both an intellectual and personal discussion of an emotional issue from various and surprising angles.
For a similar style of book take a look at [[On Kindness by Adam Phillips and Barbara Taylor]], while other readers may be drawn to [[My Age of Anxiety by Scott StrosselStossel]] for an account of anxiety.

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