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|title=The Secret Service - Kingsman
|sort=Secret Service - Kinsman
|author=Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons
|reviewer=John Lloyd
|publisher=Titan Books
|date=March 2014
|summary=Possibly Mark Millar at his best, this six-issue collection is a great origin story as well as a scathing look at how low we might have to search to find the heights of humanity.
He is Mister London. Jack London. He is the longest-serving, most experienced and downright most suave secret agent the country has. But he now has a problem possibly bigger than even those he's had to face up to before – his nephew. Gary Unwin, Eggsy to his friends, is stuck in a rut called Peckham, living with his kid brother and his single mum, and her latest bullying, abusive partner. His life is the X-Box, cheap four-packs and TWOCing the neighbourhood cars. Reluctantly casting his mind from the problem of someone kidnapping the greats of TV sci-fi history, Jack undergoes his most awkward mission yet – raising his nephew to be a world-saver.
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