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|date=January 2015
|summary=In his dazzling start to what promises to be a fantastic trilogy, Mark Alder combines history and fantasy to thrilling effect - as a tumultuous period in European history is rocked by angels, demons, gods, devils, and mortals...
With more in the series to follow, I will absolutely be recommending this to everyone - as both a wonderful historical fiction book, and a fantastic new voice in the Fantasy field.
Many thanks to the publishers for the copy. We also have a review of Alder's [[Son of the Night by Mark Alder|Son of the Night]].
As mentioned earlier, I would recommend the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy to any and everyone - a thrilling adventure that also tackles meaty theological questions. [[Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman]] is a beautiful little book that expands on the initial trilogy.

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