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Hundreds of years The last thing Colonel Reid Malenfant remembers is his Space Shuttle crashing - until he wakes up in the futuremid-24th Century, on a stagnating an Earth massively depopulated and almost empty Earth, a space shuttle pilot from patiently waiting for the early days of the 21st century is awoken coming apocalypse. Suffering from the cryogenic sleep severe culture shock, he entered after a devastating accident. As he comes tries to adjust to terms with this new world, . But all of this is changed when he begins receives a message from his wife Emma...who died on a mission to realise Phobos all the way back in 2004. As it slowly dawns on him that their history does not timelines don't match what up, he remembers - and that only he may be able resolves to stop the coming catastrophe destined find a way to destroy the planetPhobos. Until But, this new society doesn't believe in space travel and no-one is willing to help him, until he meets a driven young woman who seems desperately wants to have a drive of her own, and a planexplore as much as he does...
The protagonist of the book is Colonel Reid Malenfant, USAF and former NASA Space Shuttle pilot, who has been awakened from a rudimentary cryonic suspension and experiencing a severe case of culture shock in the mid-24th Century. He has been awakened because his wife Emma, although apparently from a different timeline, requires rescuing from Phobos, where she is believed to have died in 2004. Malenfant is accompanied on his mission by Bartholemew, a medical android with a particularly caustic sense of humour, and Greggson Deirdre, a childishly enthusiastic yet ambitious young woman who desires to see what lies beyond Earth. While Malenfant is the viewpoint character for the vast majority of the book, Deirdre is quite obviously the heroine, since she is the one who makes most of the decisions and the different sections of the book refer to ‘her’ not ‘him’.

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