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|title=The First Time I Saw Your Face
|author=Hazel Osmond
|date=August 2012
|summary=When Mack Stone meets Jennifer Roseby, he is pretending to be someone else. He is keeping up this pretence in order to find out everything he can about her glamorous Hollywood cousin. What he does not expect is to discover how fragile and lacking in self-confidence Jennifer is and how much he is attracted to her. Should he come clean and tell her the truth or will that ruin everything? He needs to make up his mind about what he should do though before she finds out what is going on from someone else.
Mack Stone used to be a journalist on a tabloid paper and was not averse to dishing the dirt on whoever he happened to be writing about. He has left that world behind though and is now attempting to work freelance and only write in a more ethical way. However, one day he receives a call from his old boss who has one last job for him to do. When Mack is not keen, he reveals that he has information about Mack's mother – a sordid little secret that he would have no qualms about publicising to the world if Mack does not agree. If Mack wants to protect his family, it seems that he has little choice but to agree.

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