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|title=Tell Me No Lies
|sort= Tell Me No Lies
|author=Lisa Hall
|reviewer= Zoe PageMorris
|summary=It’s a horrible feeling when people don’t believe you, as Steph is about to find out. Is everything as it seems, or is her mind playing tricks on her? It’s going to take a lot of digging, and a worrying turn of events, to find out.
|isbn= 978-0008205195
The story builds well, and there are enough characters in to keep it interesting (and keep you guessing) without you needing a list at the front of who’s who and how they fit in. The only part I slightly objected to was the ending. It featured a part of the health service I know particularly well (I run a national audit of all patients who pass through it each year) and just the last couple of pages did not ring true, no matter how manipulative the other people involved were. It was hard for me to believe that would happen anywhere, but it certainly wouldn’t in London given the plethora of specialist services the capital has. On the assumption that probably no one else who reads this (with the exception of one particular colleague!) will notice or care about this point, I’m not docking points. It in no way spoiled my enjoyment of the story, and as a whole I found it a satisfying read.
I’d like to thank the publishers for sending us a copy to review. We also have a review of [[The Party by Lisa Hall]].
Set not too far away, [[Watching Edie by Camilla Way]] is also an excellent thriller that messes with your mind.
|name=Frouwke Hubbard
|comment=Loved the book but hated the ending, felt very unfinished, hopefully there is a sequel to this !!

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