Something for Mummy (Bing) by Ted Dewan

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Something for Mummy (Bing) by Ted Dewan

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Category: For Sharing
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Sam Tyler
Reviewed by Sam Tyler
Summary: Bing wants to get a gift for his erstwhile missing Mother in this book that will grab the attention of fans, but will leave others feeling a little underwhelmed.
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Pages: 32 Date: January 2017
Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 9780008212018

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Having a child gives you a glimpse into a world that you never knew even existed. Unfortunately, this not a winter wonderland hidden in a wardrobe, but a world of children's TV characters. The mainstays of the genre have still survived; Sooty, Noddy and Postman Pat, but who is RaRa or Mr Tumble? One popular show that takes some getting used to is Bing, a series all about a rabbit that seems to have a stuffed animal as a carer. There are seemingly no parents in the show as if the town is one giant crèche, so how come Bing and his helper Flop are making a gift for Mummy?

One day, round the corner and not far away Bing and Flop are sorting out a gift for Mother's Day. What would Bing's mother want? Breakfast in bed sounds good, but in typical Bing fashion not everything will go right and by the end we will all have learned something.

The book industry likes to latch onto any celebration and as many mothers like to read with their child a book that praises mums seems like a good seller. Something for Mummy is a Mother's Day book wrapped in Bing clothing and this is no bad thing. For any tiny fans of the character the images of Bing and Flop are instantly recognisable and they will want to read the book. Ted Dewan has also manged to capture the feel of the show, narrative the book as if Bing was speaking. This will entice children, but as an adult, you may find some of the baby-style speak a little unpalatable.

The story is super simple; Bing executing the ideal Mother's Day gift poorly but doing it with the right intentions. The character can be a little tantrum heavy at times, but this book is all about a genuine love for his mother. It is here that the book becomes a little unstuck, especially for fans of the show. Where is his mother? The entire show has an eerie lack of adults in it that any toddler will be aware of. All of a sudden in this book we are meant to believe that a Mum is around. Has Flop locked her in the attic for years? The introduction of the concept of Mother into this world actually detracts slightly from the story as fundamentally Mother's Day does not exist in Bing's world.

If you separate the book from the show the concept holds up, but then it appears a little thin. The book relies on Bing's cutesy language and is simple beyond this; for many, the draw to the book will be the recognition from the show. Without prior knowledge, the book is ok but does not stand out. This is one for fans of the show who don't question it too much.

Bing has had more than one adventure Bing: Make Music by Ted Dewan, but perhaps you are better looking for a different rabbit Everybunny Dance by Ellie Sandall. You might also enjnoy Postman Pat and the Big Balloons (Postman Pat Special Delivery Service) by Various.

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