One Night, Far From Here by Julia Wauters

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One Night, Far From Here by Julia Wauters

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Category: For Sharing
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Margaret Young
Reviewed by Margaret Young
Summary: A magical night-time journey around the world - all from the comfort of your sofa.
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Pages: 36 Date: May 2013
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1909263024

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I didn't think they made books like this any more. It's very rare to see a book with transparent pages nowadays. I have literally searched for years, snapping up the odd one from used book sellers. These may have gone out of style now in favour of books with batteries, buttons and bells, but these engage a child in a way no battery operated contraption possibly could. Children are fascinated by the pages, not just my own children, but every child I have seen with these. This book is wonderful for story time, but it is also the type of book that children seek out, quietly turning the pages, lost in their own imagination. Experts are beginning to recognise playing with books as a crucial step in emergent literacy. This is a book children will turn to again and again, experiencing a different adventure each time they lose themselves in the pages, and learning that books offer excitement and adventure.

This book takes us to five different habitats, the African Savannah, Russian taiga, the Amazon rainforest, the bathypelagic, or midnight zone of the ocean, ending with one habitat described as not to far from here which judging by the wildlife must be in France. Each page begins in total darkness, only a few nocturnal creatures can be seen through the deep blue or black printed acetate pages. As children turn the first transparent page morning begins to break and more animals can be found. Turning the next transparent page brings us to vibrant habitat full of life in the early morning light, and offers yet more animals to be found. The illustrations are excellent and this book gives children a sense of quietly watching in wonder as dawn breaks over far away places.

The text is short and descriptive. This is a book where you search for each animal. In contrast to most of these books, the animals are not really hiding, but the child will need to use the description to identify many of the species and find the right ones. Not to worry if you just can't get it though, there is a handy identification guide at the back. This is beautifully illustrated and the novelty of the transparent pages really make this a book to be treasured. It is educational. It teaches children quite a bit about wild life and habitats, but the main reason to buy this book in my opinion is purely for pleasure. The transparent pages would be nearly impossible to accidentally damage, and the paper pages are very thick and sturdy, making them well suited to little hands - which is a good thing as this is apt to be a book that is treasured for many years. A toddler can really enjoy searching for the animals, while older children can learn to identify the many different species, and perhaps be encouraged to find out more about the different habitats. My boys are ages 4 and 8 and both have enjoyed listening to this book and exploring it on their own. All three of us extend our thanks to the publisher for giving us the chance to bring this beautiful book into our home.

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