Legacy: A Political Thriller by C A Sacha

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Legacy: A Political Thriller by C A Sacha

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Category: Thrillers
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jill Murphy
Reviewed by Jill Murphy
Summary: Wide-ranging, tense, eco thriller exploring ambition, betrayal and geopolitics. A satisfying read.
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Pages: 360 Date: March 2021
Publisher: Troubador
ISBN: 9781800461970

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Corporate boss Gene Finnegan has a plan to increase his already startling wealth and ensure his legacy: to bring the world's first emission-free car to market and dominate production. The secret development project to enable this, Bucephalus, is already underway and Finnegan bankrolls US president Joseph Montgomery into a second term to help him carry it out. Montgomery is also looking for a legacy and one that does not involve his controlling mother and her foundation, so grabs onto Finnegan's Feed Africa programme with both hands....

... but Feed Africa is not what Montgomery has been led to believe. It is Finnegan's live experiment with his new fuel, which is not as safe as advertised. And it's also a way for the Chinese to infiltrate and expand on their geopolitical ambitions.

Into this mix comes Josie Ryland, an ex employee of Finnegan's. She has witnessed the development of the new fuel and she knows the dangers - from health implications to the murderous ruthlessness of Gene Finnegan. Can Josie expose what's going on? Or is it too late?  The ensuing tense thriller follows all the main players across four continents of the globe as they each seek to create the legacies they long for and exposes their corruptions, betrayals and ambitions. It's a wild ride addressing critical global issues.

I enjoyed this energetic political thriller. It gets into its stride very quickly and is a page-turning read - I managed it in two sittings punctuated only by a meal. There is a large cast of characters, all well-rounded and with disparate but entirely credible motivations. I particularly enjoyed Kate, the world weary doctor battling AIDS in her African community and Professor Li, the effete, corruptible but brilliant scientist, for very different reasons. The plot unravels in a very satisfying way and covers important contemporary topics such as climate change, corporate political influence, and the resurgence of China leading to unstable geopolitics. These are things we should all be thinking about and raise Legacy from being a simple goodies versus baddies political thriller into something altogether more thoughtful. 

Without spoiling - perish the thought! - I liked the denouement: it leaves the door open for more from Sacha on Bucephalus and the forces driving it. I'd like to read more if my suspicion is correct! 

If you enjoy a good thriller that travels the world and discusses the real threats facing humanity, Legacy is a book you'd enjoy.

If Legacy is right up your alley, other eco thrillers that might interest you include End Game by Allan Hendry and Shadow on the Sun by R Julian Cox.

You can read more about C A Sacha here.

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Buy Legacy: A Political Thriller by C A Sacha at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Legacy: A Political Thriller by C A Sacha at Amazon.com.


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