Jillian Larkin Talks To Bookbag About The Flappers

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Jillian Larkin Talks To Bookbag About The Flappers


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Summary: Robert was very impressed by The Flappers, but he was keen to find out how Jillian Larkin felt about the series and what she had planned for the future.
Date: 18 July 2013

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I have always loved reading and writing, so having the chance to actually publish a novel—let alone three!—has been an incredible honor and joy. The Flappers series will always have a special place in my heart. Not only was it my debut series, but it also combines several of my passions—writing, music, and the 1920's—into one, precious gem.

I remember being terribly worried if readers would respond well to Ingenue and Diva when I had completed them. After Vixen had been so well received, I was hopeful that fans would find the sequels just as compelling. When I realized that they had, I was elated. After all, I have come to really love my characters, and the fact that readers did too meant the world to me. As cliché as it may sound, Gloria, Clara, and Lorraine truly came to life in my eyes as I created them. Now that the series is complete, I hope readers continue to find the same joy in reading their adventures as I did in writing them.

When I had originally decided to write a flapper inspired series, I knew I wanted to write about a nightclub singer (being a singer myself). After combining that desire with the Jazz Age that I had grown to love, Gloria Carmody was born! Gloria is a free spirit with a lot of spunk. She isn't afraid to make her own decisions and follow her dreams, and that's why I'll miss writing her character. I feel every girl could see a bit of themselves in Gloria (I know I do!) so I don't believe she'll be easily forgotten. As for her story, she finally received the happy ending she deserved and was able to be with the man she loved.

And who wouldn't miss good'ol Lorraine Dyer! Although her motivations are sometimes flawed, she has a personality that is unparalleled. Sometimes I'd even be surprised at the messes she managed to get herself into! It was a real thrill writing her character—she gave me quite a few laughs!—and I am glad she found love at the end of Diva as well.

Clara Knowles tended to be the favorite flapper of the three for many readers. I can see why this is the case—her scandalous past, her romance with Marcus Eastman, and her good intentions. She was an exciting character to write as well, for she changed so much throughout the series (there was the 'old' flapper Clara, Country Clara, the 'new' flapper Clara, and writer Clara...all slightly different shades of the same girl). I feel everyone rooted for her, right from the beginning, so it was a true relief when everything worked out in the end—another happy ending: an amazing career and the man of her dreams.

Looking back on their journeys and their happily ever afters, I'm feeling quite sentimental. But, as all writers must, I shall make room for more characters, stories and memories! I am currently working on a new young adult novel which is completely different from The Flappers. Although there are still boys, romances, and teen girls on their paths to self-discovery, this new project is set in the future! I am very excited to be embarking on this writing journey, and can't wait to see where the project will lead.

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