I Feel Sick! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross

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I Feel Sick! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross

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Category: For Sharing
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Ruth Ng
Reviewed by Ruth Ng
Summary: Funny and oh so true to life, another great story about our favourite Little Princess.
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Pages: 32 Date: January 2015
Publisher: Andersen
ISBN: 9781783441150

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I should think most parents of small children are familiar with fake sicknesses, in an attempt to get out of nursery/school/the dentist or whatever other trauma you are heartlessly inflicting on them. I remember my daughter aged about three trying to convince me that she had a broken leg, pointing to the broken one and then limping on the other! Here we see the Little Princess insisting that she is terribly, dreadfully sick. Especially when she has been asked to do something she doesn't want to do. Then she feels really terrible!

I think most people are familiar with the little princess. We've enjoyed her stubbornness for years in this house. I like the simplicity to the stories since they usually revolve around just one idea, but that idea is depicted very well. This story follows the simplest of ideas, with the princess declaring more and more vehemently that she is very sick, right up until the moment she gets an invitation to a party in the post! Then she makes a miraculous recovery, although once she's finally at the party, well, let's just say she overindulges somewhat and leave it at that!

The story can be understood from a very early age, so it works well with little ones and is a nice quick read too for when they have wriggly bottoms that can't sit still for a longer story! It's funny enough that older children can also enjoy it too, and perhaps might appreciate more the efforts that the princess goes to, to convince the Royal household that she is ill. Each page is a large picture alongside a sentence or two and, of course, much of the joy comes from the artwork. The pictures add so much more than the words below it, for example right at the start we are told that the Little Princess was never sick and in the picture we can see her on board a ship on a very stormy looking sea. The Admiral is looking distinctly queasy, but the Little Princess is as happy as a lark and eating a burger! I like the picture of the Royal Doctor which shows, on the wall behind, a 'sick chart' with varying shades of green to show exactly how sick a person might be! I also rather like the saw that the doctor has in her coat pocket! The page where the Princess is too sick for dinner, but she thinks she might just be able to manage a few jelly babies made my daughter laugh out loud. She's often been well enough for just a little pudding...

I did notice for the first time, in this story, that the Little Princess has no socks or shoes on. I now feel I ought to check back in all the other stories to see if she's ever had any footwear! My daughter also wanted to know why the Princess goes to a party with 'normal' children...so we had to have a brief discussion about Royalty and what being a Princess actually means! This is a lovely story, with lots of colourful, funny illustrations as you'd expect from the great Tony Ross. Perfect for nursery story times, or just a quick giggle with your little one. Let's just hope it doesn't give them any bad ideas!"

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