Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

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Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

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Category: Teens
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Olivia Mitchell
Reviewed by Olivia Mitchell
Summary: A twisty, dark and engaging YA thriller follow-up that keeps you guessing to the very end.
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Pages: 432 Date: April 2020
Publisher: Electric Monkey
ISBN: 978-1405297752

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A month on from the explosive conclusion to the Andie Bell mystery, a new normal has settled over Little Kilton. Max Hastings' assault trial thunders on, Pippa's viral podcast detailing her journey of discovering the truth about Andie and Sal's deaths has gained massive media attention, Cara and her sister Naomi are reeling from the realisation that their father, Elliot Ward, had murdered Sal Singh and kidnapped a girl he thought was Andie after she stumbled out of his house, bleeding, and disappeared into the night. As the town tries to heal again, six years on from the events of that night, tragedy strikes again. Jamie Reynolds, older brother to one of Pippa's best friends has gone missing. And so, alongside her difficult life as a semi-famous eighteen-year-old, she is once again taken down a dark, twisted path to discover the truth.

The version of Pippa we re-join in this book is slightly different to the one we first met. She is haunted. Scarred. She has a darkness around her which has settled in the pit of her stomach and in her mind - a natural occurrence considering all she went through. She is no longer the reckless, all-consumed seventeen-year-old who risked it all to solve a double murder. Instead she is cautious, reluctant to dive back into this world. She remembers what happened to her last time, all the pain and suffering - on her and so many others - and won't let all that happen again. But she still retains her big heart, a desire for the truth and an undeniable boldness - she still needs to act when no one else will. She is again joined by Ravi Singh, now her boyfriend, who acts as a caring and dynamic partner - Pip says herself that they bring out the best in each-other, and are able to think together and figure things out. Their relationship adds a sweet and playful element to the story, which is very enjoyable.

Pip often finds herself facing challenging internal struggles that I found very engaging and presents an interesting look at her psyche and the way young minds are impacted by tragedy, which adds a deeper and darker layer. This book is darker than the first, not just in storyline but in Pip herself and the way she thinks and feels. There is also the same intense, lyrical description and language as Jackson's previous work. The story has a similar organisation as first book, using a blend of mediums - transcripts from audio files of Pip's viral podcast, 3rd person chapters, images such as maps or courtroom sketches and case notes. It creates an addictive and immersive read and heightens the feel that we are again solving the case alongside Pip.

The case we follow in this book is very complex, there are lots of moving parts and precise details that change, reform, don't add up or have to be exactly right for a theory to fit. This presents the issue of the story, at times, being challenging to follow or keep straight in your head. However, this is almost immediately resolved as Pip often finds herself explaining her case to others, or writing detailed case notes explaining where her thinking is and what she needs to do next, which is an insightful way by the author to clarify the storyline without breaking the stride of the book.

The story is full of riveting twists and turns, all the way to the end. A stellar follow up to a fantastic first book.

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