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The author has lived in Athens, Brussels, Perth (Scotland), Newcastle upon Tyne, Sydney, and London. He enjoys stories (in book, theatre, or film form), urban areas, and travel. He has travelled to over seventy-five countries (to date) and studied tourism at university, and he has worked in the industry ever since. Travelling was therefore always in his genetic make-up. Running wasn't. Entering his first half marathon at the age of twenty-six, he became an addict. He ran in races across the UK and the occasional one abroad. He enjoyed it and lost his beer belly. He then thought about racing in every Summer Olympics city. To his knowledge, nobody had done it before. He could then combine travel and his newfound love of running. To date, he has taken part in more than eighty-five races across six continents (spanning half and full marathons, ten kilometres, five kilometres, swims, and triathlons), making him a seasoned runner after less than ten of years after partaking in the sport.

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