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Planet Storyland is the debut novella by James Sherwood Metts. It's about a boy named Quentin who lives on the planet Gliese and learns about the people on Earth.

James Sherwood Metts spent most of his childhood playing and exploring a beautiful area of Los Angeles called Windsor Hills. He was excited and naively curious. He went to the library almost every day reading the titles of books from every shelf to find what captured his attention. He was in a book club at school. He collected rocks, fed the birds in his backyard, he had a greenhouse, he built models, he made candles and learned macrame. He put puzzles together, played board and card games. He played basketball, tennis, paddle tennis, ping-pong, baseball, football, kickball and gymnastics. He has ice skated, skied, skydived, bowled, whitewater rafted and painted. Now plays pickleball, practices his golf swing, he enjoys swimming in the ocean whenever he can, and sightseeing on his bicycle.

James took on writing Planet Storyland to see if what he was thinking made any sense. He is a member of the DFW Writer's Workshop. He says life is magical despite the challenges. He wants to help kids internalize that there's nothing better than being alive. And he wants the kids to get out a pen and paper and let their questions to be their guide.

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