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In her youth J.E. Ryder discovered that her elder brother's reading choices were completely different from hers, and much more exciting. She loved his fabulous Marvel Comics with their superheroes and heroines, the espionage novels, gritty adventure stories and survival epics. Her lifelong enjoyment of thrilling fiction has had a major influence on her writing.

Her business career has taken her through all the big city industries and corporations: oil, banking, law and national government, and provided an endless cast of fascinating people and situations to draw on. For her debut novel "Blood Pool" she also used her experiences as a yacht owner to describe life in a boat yard.

She was an editor of many in-house newsletters and club magazines. She started writing fiction some years ago when she became bored with spending her evenings slumped in front of the television.

J.E. Ryder has escaped from the city. She lives in rural North Dorset, England, where people make time to talk, and always have a story to tell.

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