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Adrian's focus in life is how to extend it. Unlike most people that are trapped in an ageing trance, he believes that science is rapidly catching up on the causes of ageing and will soon be able to treat it as any other disease. Triggered by the usual bodily faults suffered in middle-aged, his interest in the underlying causes of age-related conditions led him to the growing life extension community – a cross over between science and technology where researchers view the body's slow degradation as a problem to be solved.

He now collates thousands of articles regarding all aspects of life extension – from improvements in medical technology to human augmentation, as well as non-biological factors that could prevent indefinite lifespan such as overpopulation or the collapse of society. This is basis of the Live Forever Club which he founded in 2014 with the aim of equality in longevity – making sure this knowledge and the ability to live longer, healthier lives is available to all.