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Welcome to the authors page for A.K. Hill (that would be me, strangely talking about myself in the third person).

I am supposed to say something interesting about myself here, something to help grab people’s attention, something to interest and intrigue; the problem is my life is not exactly an exciting one.

I’m just an ordinary person who likes to write fiction in all its forms. I could of course embellish and tell people any old tosh, but a Google search would soon put pay to such flights of fantasy. So in the absence of anything exciting (apart from my time as a secret agent/racing car driver/astronaut – I told you I liked to write fiction) I will give some vague facts.

Born – The 1970’s not a particularly exciting decade for me as I don’t remember much about it.

Childhood Dreams – To be a secret agent/racing car driver/astronaut.

Education – Yes I had one of those.

Personal Life – Erm…that would be personal.

Career Path – From wanting to be a secret agent/racing car driver/astronaut as a child, to Astrophysicist (yes really! – ask me about relativistic mechanics) as a young man, through to an accountant (dull I know but everyone needs to pay the bills) in my mid twenties, and on to author in my thirties. To be fair I have always wanted to be an author, but as with a lot of things, life gets in the way.

Future Plans – Hopefully to have some success so that I can keep writing.

Thanks for reading.

You can find A K Hill at his website, on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter

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