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Sometimes the best way to wind down is with a glass of wine, some nice music, and then lose yourself in a funny, sexy and exciting world. These are the picks of women's fiction on Bookbag. Why not tell us about your favourites? We're always looking for new reviewers, so if you'd like to review a classic chick lit novel and join our team, please get in touch.

Crazy in Love by Chris Manby


Young golf resort heiress Birdie Sederburg is obsessed with actor Dean Stevenson. After a few disastrous dates, she takes drastic action to get noticed... but things don't go to plan. A hilarious and page-turning read to enjoy. Full review...

An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell


£10,000 to leave the man she loves is an offer Lola thinks she can refuse until circumstances change and she has to decide whether she is the sort of girl who can be bought off in this exciting, sweet novel. Full review...

Anybody Out There? by Marian Keyes


Wonderful, well-written, poignant, witty and warm. Marian Keyes hits paydirt again. Anybody Out There? is another slice of life from the Walsh family that you won't forget. Full review...

The Nanny by Melissa Nathan


Engaging account of one clever young nanny finding her way in the world and (of course) finding her true love. Extra plots involving children and parents substantially broaden the appeal. The laughs are gentle but frequent; a few topical issues are also touched upon in a light-hearted way, and the children are well observed. Recommended for female readers of 15+ who like chick-lit, family sagas with humour or any combination of the two. Full review...

Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella


This long-awaited instalment of popular cycle retains all the winning features of the previous books: it's funny, extremely easy to read, has a main character you either identify with or love to hate and no depth whatsoever. The best in completely pretension-less entertainment. Full review...

Flawless by Tilly Bagshawe


Jewellery designer Scarlett Drummond Murray is determined to make a success of her jewellery boutique. But when she she makes an enemy of Brogan O'Donnell, Scarlett is thrown into a scary world of threats and corruption. The glittery diamond world isn't a flawless as it might seem after all. A really enjoyable read. Full review...

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde


A pacy and well-researched story of a wedding planner who doesn't believe in love comes highly recommended as a leisurely and fun read. Full review...

Notting Hell by Rachel Johnson


A great poke of fun at the Notting Hill set - those that knit their own yoghurt, teach their infant children to count to ten in Mandarin and Bantu and to learn the Albanian nose flute and who compete - over everything - more fiercely than an Olympic Rowing Team for the title of Have Most in the Garden Square. Full review...

Any Way You Want Me by Lucy Diamond


A well written take on the usual "bored housewife embarks on an affair" cliché, with some interesting characters and an easy to follow but intriguing plot. Full review...

The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill


The other side of the story, this is a wicked look at motherhood of the slummy rather than yummy variety, with some killer lines and juicy characters. Full review...

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