The Deadly Seven by Garth Jennings

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The Deadly Seven by Garth Jennings

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Category: Confident Readers
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Linda Lawlor
Reviewed by Linda Lawlor
Summary: Nelson's only friend is his big sister. So, when she disappears on a school trip, he has to rely on a bunch of dirty, smelly, greedy monsters that he accidentally allows to escape from his own soul. Yup – he's on a rescue mission with the seven deadly sins.
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Pages: 352 Date: January 2015
Publisher: Macmillan Children's
ISBN: 9781447251712

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Most of us do our best to live our lives as polite, sensible, clean human beings. After all, society would soon fall apart if we grabbed whatever we wanted, always said the first thing that came into our heads, and punched anyone who annoyed us. But admit it - deep down, there are moments when you'd just love to bop some irritating twit on the nose, shred your report card and use it as hamster litter, eat a whole box of chocolates in one go, then burp every single verse of The Twelve Days of Christmas, right? Seriously - never? Hmm . . . not sure you're being entirely honest there, pal.

There's something absolutely fascinating about watching others cheerfully get on with doing the things we feel guilty just thinking about. You need money? Pick a pocket (or ten). You need a diversion? Break something, devour something or, if all else fails, set fire to something. Works every time. Sleep when you want, go where you want, always talk at the top of your voice, and if you're troubled with wind well, better out than in, eh? Even if the smell is so deadly a single bubble of it knocks people unconscious. And that's the joy of this book – the utterly unrestrained, enthusiastically disgusting and greedy behaviour of a bunch of little monsters who are invisible to everyone but their owner and who cause mayhem, chaos and disruption wherever they go. These guys fulfil our secret dreams and open our minds to a world of freedom and fun that would never be possible in what we consider real life. And yet – their motives are good (mostly), and despite their less than orthodox methods, they do eventually manage to do the right thing, bash the baddie and save the day. Just, well, don't try this at home, okay? Chaos may be fun but getting grounded till you draw your pension really, really isn't!

Garth Jennings, the author, is a film-maker, and it shows. The story moves at break-neck speed through all sorts of odd places across the world, the action is lively, funny and gross in equal measures, and despite their constant squabbling the Deadly Seven are always likeable, even endearing at times. There's even a moment or two when one of them becomes cute, but we won't go there. Too embarrassing. No doubt we'll be seeing this story in the cinema very soon, but don't make the mistake of waiting: the book has its own definite attraction. Adults may find some of the humour and the comparisons a little heavy-handed, but tough – this book's not written for them, and they should count themselves lucky their ever-loving sprogs have allowed them to read it. It's an uproarious romp, and though the Seven would deny it, the book has a heart too. Perfect wet weekend fare!

Slightly less gross, but equally silly is Alex, the Dog and the Unopenable Door by Ross Montgomery. And don't forget Geek Inc: Technoslime Terror by Mark Griffiths and its sequel, Geek Inc: The Impossible Boy: they're lots of fun too.

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