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  • ...overed. Years later, after discovering that Sally has died in a car crash, Livvy is forced to relive the past and she starts to discover what her friend was As a woman in her mid thirties, Livvy feels that her life is OK. She has a good job even though she is slightly i
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  • ...she had, at Enderley Hall. Her grandmother, Mrs Treadwell, and Great Aunt Livvy are back at the Dolphin Hotel in Dartmouth. Kitty gets easily bored workin
    4 KB (649 words) - 13:26, 6 January 2021
  • Livvy was in her early teens and Fats had caught her too but now she wanted to ge
    4 KB (679 words) - 13:49, 8 October 2021
  • ...m. ''What If?'' by Isaac Asimov is all about a loved-up couple, Norman and Livvy, who believe that they would have always have ended up together, as they ar
    5 KB (886 words) - 13:45, 6 March 2018
  • ...ation, Kit defies his heritage as the lost Herondale but forms a bond with Livvy and an appreciation of her autistic twin Ty- ''When every sound and feeling
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  • the draconian Clave who would view his diversity unfavourably. His twin Livvy is devoted to him and can handle a mean blade. Their 13 year old sister Dru
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