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|title=Hider, Seeker, Secret Keeper
|author=Elizabeth Kiem
|publisher=Soho Teen
|date=October 2014
|summary=Three generations of Dukovskaya ballerinas have danced the role of The Chosen One with the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet. As a reader I was completely involved and absorbed in the adventures of the youngest dancer desperate to express her art in the murky cultural politics of modern Russia.
I was caught up by this novel from the first pages and read it with absorption in a single sitting. The young heroine, Lana Dukovskaya, is a third generation ballerina with the Bolshoi Ballet but the experiences of her mother and grandmother are shrouded and lost. Her grandmother's name, we discover, has been erased from the records and her mother is a troubled secretive figure. Lana challenges the conventional notion of a ballerina: she has close cropped hair, loves high speed motor bikes and most of all she wants to experiment with the repertoire.