Perception by Kim Harrington

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Perception by Kim Harrington

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Category: Teens
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Loralei Haylock
Reviewed by Loralei Haylock
Summary: Perception continues in much the same vein as Clarity with engaging characters, romance and fast paced plot. Though it's nothing particularly exceptional it's a fast, fun read that will appeal to fans of the genre.
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Pages: 256 Date: March 2013
Publisher: Scholastic
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1407130866

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After solving a murder over the summer, Clarity 'Clare' Fern finds herself the centre of attention at school. Mostly it's annoying, but harmless - popular girls wanting her to use her unique gift for show and entertainment - but someone is sending her increasingly creepy messages, and Clare keeps getting the feeling she's being followed.

Clare can see the history of objects - sense the emotions and actions of the person who handled them last, but on her secret admirer's offerings she's coming up blank. And to make matters worse, a girl in town has gone missing.

Even when Clare's mother tries to forbid her from investigating, Clare feels the need to help find the girl. With help from Gabriel Toscano - son of the new Detective, and total hottie - Clare has to do what she can. But with everyone keeping secrets, will Clare solve the murder before someone else gets hurt?

This was a great bit of easy reading - the sort of book you can demolish in a couple of hours. The plot and characters are nothing particularly stand out or special, but they are engaging, and most of all: fun.

Clare's dramas are a nice balance between the murder-mystery side of things and some regular high-school drama, with queen bee cheerleader types, social outcasts and hot boys adding another layer of things for Clare to navigate. The family drama is good as well, with Clare's brother Perry not left entirely unscathed by his experiences in the previous book.

Though there was nothing that really surprised me, and a few very predictable plot turns, Harrington gets you invested enough in the characters to not really care too much. Like I said, there's enough else going on outside of the murder-mystery that things never feel awkwardly padded out or make the pace drag. You want to know whether Clare is going to pick her ex-boyfriend Justin or good looking newcomer Gabriel, and you want to see Tiffany Desposito meet her social downfall.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable, light read for fans of paranormal romance and murder mysteries.

For a slightly more weighty, but incredibly enjoyable mystery series, try Shelter by Harlan Coben.

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