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Frances Brody's Kate Shackleton Mysteries in Chronological Order


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Tony Stanley Asked:

Hi Sue,

I've just picked up a copy of Frances Brody's 'A Woman Unknown' from a local charity shop; although not familiar with her, I was atrracted to the beautiful cover design, and the fact that the book was in excellent condition - especially for the price! This one is the fourth in the 'Kate Shackleton' series. I was just wondering whether it would help, at all, to read them in chonological order? Is this advisable, or can they be read purely in a stand-alone manner? Do they move on, in time?

Thanks for listening, and any help that you can offer.



Sue replied:

Hi Tony,

A Woman Unknown was actually the first book that I read and I then went back and picked up earlier books as I came across them. There's a little bit of over-riding story, but you don't lose a great deal by reading them in the order you pick them up.

Enjoy - I did!


Derrick Lowes said:

Reading some of your reviewers....I'm given to say, with all due respect, I don't pick up Frances Brody's books by accident in a charity store!

I have followed this author publication by publication because she is so good and a reliable expenditure. I'm aware of the publication schedules and shop accordingly.

These are really good books, none a disappointment, and I've friends who are equally charmed when I pass them along.

Derrick Lowes West Vancouver

Sue said:

It's good to meet such an organised reader! Not everyone can afford to buy pristine books, though - and some people like to support a charity with their purchases. We like that - it's where a lot of our books go when we've read them.