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C. A. Sacha has written the same book three times. You could call it a labour of love. My husband says, 'it's grounds for divorce. I've forgotten what you look it.' Seriously! I bet he'll join me on the red carpet when someone turns it into a film. Before you say why write a novel, when all along it was a film script, well it's like this – I thought the novel would be easier to do. (I refer you to my opening line.)

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa I've lived in England since 1960. My CV has all the usual student jobs: canning factory, newspaper advertising, vets surgery, with the highlight being the 'fastest waitress in Tewkesbury.' Not a feat I could contemplate now.

After graduating I settled down to being a museum curator, arts and museums officer and funding adviser for the county. I ended my career as a member of Surrey police's civilian staff on the front counter. It's been a life rich in incident and stories.

Retired now, I focus on my creative life, with the aspiration of doing an arts foundation course next.

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