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==='''Fiction Shelf'''===
==='''Fiction Shelf'''===
{{amazonurl|isbn=1542031273|title=Welcome to Cooper by Tariq Ashkanani}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1913193926|title=Fall by West Camel}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1786079070|title=The Forgotten by Mary Chamberlain}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=0356516237|title=The Unbroken by C L Clarke}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1913193942|title=The Quiet People by Paul Cleave}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=0356516881|title=A Master of Djinn by P Djeli Clark}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1785657909|title=The Final Child by Fran Dorricott}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1542028752|title=Her Perfect Family by Teresa Driscoll}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1472277538|title=Peach Blossom Spring by Melissa Fu}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1472277538|title=Peach Blossom Spring by Melissa Fu}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1529080886|title=A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1542019885|title=Quicksilver by Dean Koontz}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1838771964|title=The Hiding Place by Amanda Mason}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1787634973|title=Red Traitor by Owen Matthews}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1787634973|title=Red Traitor by Owen Matthews}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1913193675|title=Black Reed Bay by Rod Reynolds}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1542022223|title=The Village by Caroline Mitchell}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1913193888|title=Cold as Hell by Lilja Sigurdardottir}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1838772626|title=Three Sisters by Heather Morris}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1542027942|title=The Love We Left Behind by Katherine Slee}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1789099072|title=Such a Good Wife by Seraphina Nova Glass}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1542032105|title=The Storyteller of Casablanca by Fiona Valpy}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=191319308X|title=Bitter Flowers by Gunnar Staalesen}}<br>
<amazonuk>1542031273</amazonuk> <!-- Tariq Ashkanani -->
<amazonuk>1913193926</amazonuk> <!-- West Camel -->
<amazonuk>1786079070</amazonuk> <!-- Mary Chamberlain -->
<amazonuk>0356516237</amazonuk> <!-- C L Clarke -->
<amazonuk>1913193942</amazonuk> <!-- Paul Cleave -->
<amazonuk>0356516881</amazonuk> <!-- P Djeli Clark -->
<amazonuk>1785657909</amazonuk> <!-- Fran Dorricott -->
<amazonuk>1542028752</amazonuk> <!-- Teresa Driscoll -->
<amazonuk>1472277538</amazonuk> <!-- Melissa Fu -->
<amazonuk>1472277538</amazonuk> <!-- Melissa Fu -->
<amazonuk>1529080886</amazonuk> <!-- Freya Marske -->
<amazonuk>1542019885</amazonuk> <!-- Dean Koontz -->
<amazonuk>1838771964</amazonuk> <!-- Amanda Mason -->
<amazonuk>1787634973</amazonuk> <!-- Owen Matthews -->
<amazonuk>1787634973</amazonuk> <!-- Owen Matthews -->
<amazonuk>1913193675</amazonuk> <!-- Rod Reynolds -->
<amazonuk>1542022223</amazonuk> <!-- Caroline Mitchell -->
<amazonuk>1913193888</amazonuk> <!-- Lilja Sigurdardottir -->
<amazonuk>1838772626</amazonuk> <!-- Heather Morris -->
<amazonuk>1542027942</amazonuk> <!-- Katherine Slee -->
<amazonuk>1789099072</amazonuk> <!-- Seraphina Nova Glass -->
<amazonuk>1542032105</amazonuk> <!-- Fiona Valpy -->
<amazonuk>191319308X</amazonuk> <!-- Gunnar Staalesen -->
==='''Children and Young Adult's Shelf'''===
==='''Children and Young Adult's Shelf'''===
'''If you're looking for children's picture book for review, you'll find them [[Children's Picture Books for Review|HERE]]'''.  ''New books added on 17 October''
{{amazonurl|isbn=1838237488|title=Blue Running by Lori Ann Stephens}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1406399752|title=Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good by Louie Stowell}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1788006100|title=Adam-2 by Alastair Chisholm}}<br>
<amazonuk>1838237488</amazonuk> <!-- Lori Ann Stephens -->
{{amazonurl|isbn=1911427202|title=Circles a Clover by Michael Egan}}<br>
<amazonuk>1406399752</amazonuk> <!-- Louie Stowell -->
{{amazonurl|isbn=1781129991|title=The Climbers by Keith Gray}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1912417901|title=Baby Teeth by Meg Grehan}}<br>
{{amazonurl|isbn=1444954776|title=Splinters of Sunshine by Patrice Lawrence}}<br>
<amazonuk>1788006100</amazonuk> <!-- Alastair Chisholm -->
'''If you're looking for children's picture book for review, you'll find them [[Children's Picture Books for Review|HERE]]'''.
<amazonuk>1911427202</amazonuk> <!-- Michael Egan -->
<amazonuk>1781129991</amazonuk> <!-- Keith Gray -->
<amazonuk>1912417901</amazonuk> <!-- Meg Grehan -->
<amazonuk>1444954776</amazonuk> <!-- Patrice Lawrence -->
[[Category: Reviewer Centre]]
[[Category: Reviewer Centre]]

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This is the list of review copies which are currently available to reviewers from The Bookbag. If you click on the image you will get full details of the book from Amazon. Books should be read and reviewed within a fortnight, but in practice, we allow three weeks from the date the book is posted. Please don't ask for a book unless you are reasonably certain that you can send a review within that time scale. If you are in any doubt outline the circumstances in an email and we'll decide whether or not there is time available to send the book.

If you're looking for the review submission form, you'll find it here.

If we are offering audiobooks and you require a code you'll find the instructions here.

Please let me have details of the books (including the title and the author's name) which you feel you would enjoy and would like to review, in order of preference. The quicker the response, the more likely you are to get your first choice!

Books are sorted alphabetically by author

If you're looking for children's picture books for review, you'll find them HERE.

If the links to Amazon are loading slowly you'll find a list of the books we have available above each shelf - with a link to Amazon, where you can find more details.

Non Fiction Shelf

I'm sorry but we have nothing at the moment.

Fiction Shelf

Fall by West Camel
Peach Blossom Spring by Melissa Fu
Quicksilver by Dean Koontz
The Hiding Place by Amanda Mason
Red Traitor by Owen Matthews
The Village by Caroline Mitchell
Three Sisters by Heather Morris
Such a Good Wife by Seraphina Nova Glass
Bitter Flowers by Gunnar Staalesen

Children and Young Adult's Shelf

Blue Running by Lori Ann Stephens
Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good by Louie Stowell

If you're looking for children's picture book for review, you'll find them HERE.