Wolf Blood by N M Browne

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Wolf Blood by N M Browne

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Category: Teens
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Jill Murphy
Reviewed by Jill Murphy
Summary: Paranormal fantasy with strong characters and an accurate historical setting from the author of the fabulous Warriors time-slip trilogy. The history and supernatural elements blend perfectly in this high quality novel.
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Pages: 304 Date: July 2011
Publisher: Bloomsbury
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 140881255X

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Trista is a Celtic warrior girl and seeress. Her visions are always horrifying, full of blood and death. And one of her premonitions tells her she must escape from the tribe who have captured and enslaved her, for their time is running out. Fleeing into the snowy forest, she runs straight into two Roman soldiers and thinks this time the game is surely up. Surely she cannot survive a second time? But one of the soldiers has a secret - he is a shapeshifter. Part wolf, part man, Morcant also has both Roman Celtic blood in his veins and he has never felt truly at home in either world.

For both Trista and Morcant, the only chance is to help each other. They soon develop a bond of trust and perhaps even something more. But the she-wolf's call is overpowering to Morcant. And Trista must deliver a vital message to a rebellious Celtic leader. Even together, even with their extraordinary powers, will they make it?

It's great to see a book with a werewolf that is neither a Mills & Boon for teens set at full moon nor a high-octane, mega-gadget action novel. And one in which the strongest character is a girl! Trista is about as far from sappy as you could get and I really liked her. If a Celtic girl from two thousand years ago can show us that you can fall in love without becoming a totally drippy idiot, then I say Go Trista!

Because Britain is in such turmoil, lost in both internecine tribal rivalries and the endless advance of the Romans, neither Morcant nor Trista have had any real guidance in coping with their gifts. So the book is as much about their coming-of-supernatural-age as it is about the preparation for Caratacus's rebellion. Morcant must learn to blend his dual nature and allow neither to take control. Trista must use her visions for the common good. These lessons are as difficult to learn as the hostile territory is to cross as they try to deliver an important message to the Catevellauni leader.

The whole thing is an absolutely compelling read. It has pace and tension, strong characters, and a perfect blend of history and the supernatural. The writing is strong and vivid and the historical detail is spot on. I love N M Browne, and this latest book by her only made me love her more.

My thanks to the good people at Bloomsbury for sending the book.

Fans of historical fantasy will also enjoy Bloodline by Katy Moran, also set in Roman Britain, and Hood by Stephen R Lawhead, a reimagining of the Robin Hood myth. Those who prefer their lycanthropes modern could look at Changeling by Steve Feasey.

Buy Wolf Blood by N M Browne at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Wolf Blood by N M Browne at Amazon.co.uk

Buy Wolf Blood by N M Browne at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Wolf Blood by N M Browne at Amazon.com.


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