Wire Knits by Heather Kingsley-Heath

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Wire Knits by Heather Kingsley-Heath

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Category: Crafts
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Sarah Cooper
Reviewed by Sarah Cooper
Summary: Be prepared to be amazed at what you can achieve with wire. Makes your friends jealous and learn how to make the most luscious of jewellery. A goldmine of a book!
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Pages: 64 Date: May 2007
Publisher: Search Press Ltd
ISBN: 978-1844482245

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As anyone who reads my reviews will know, I am a big lover of jewellery making and am always trying to find ways in which I can extend my knowledge and produce eye-catching results. So when I picked up this book I was eager to get started on some of the visually stunning projects.

Before you pick up this book though it is essential that you know the basics of knitting, as the book doesn't teach you how to knit, it teaches you how to knit with wire. I have finally had a chance to create my first project from this book and the results were amazing. The intricacy of each piece stands out and makes you want to analyse each piece to see how cleverly it was made. So if you are a pro at knitting and want some unique handmade jewellery and fashion items I suggest you take a look at this book. Clothes, jewellery and fashion accessories mean so much more to me when I have lovingly crafted them myself, this book provides me with dozens of ideas and inspiration to go on and design my own.

Without you seeing the photos from this book it is very hard to convey the delicacy and beauty of these items but I will try my best to describe each so that you can understand where my passion comes from for this book. Let's take a look at some of my favourite projects from the book:

Candy Floss Cuff - This is a stunning cuff that has the appearance of pink mesh but between each stitch are delicately coloured and sized beads. If you were to buy an item like this it would be very expensive as after completing my item I had a browse on the Internet and was astounded at similar items prices.

Party Bracelet - This bracelet contains tons of beads that are neatly lined up amongst the wire in rows. Turquoise beads have been used in this bracelet and they produce a most fetching result.

Earth Angles - described as 'crystal chips floating on a bed of knitted wire' almost makes it sound like it is something you could eat and if you were to see the photos of this one, believe me it certainly looks appetising to a self-confessed fashion addict. This is very cleverly produced because it is knitted in two parts and then stitched together at the front, giving a delectable edge of vibrant colour in the point of the necklace. There is another similar design called 'Peridot Angles' only this is slightly more extravagant and makes use of green stones and beads.

Glamour Bag - This bag is glorious and is achieved by knitting an outer layer of wire embellished with sequins and then lining it with pink felt. Even the handle is highly admirable with a length of French knitting. This is an item that you could quite possibly find in a boutique; so to be able to make one of these for myself is fantastic!

Beach Bangles - If you want to get in on the current boho trend, then these will be the perfect accessories. They really are amazing!! Layered wire knitting in enticing shades with tons of beads will make you want to start making these bangles immediately.

There are 25 projects in total and projects vary from brooches, bags, necklaces to scarves and fairy collars. The book is literally bursting with sumptuous visual arrays of wire-crafted items. Whoever knew wire could prove so attractive! My only downside to the book is that I would have liked a bit of basic information on knitting, in my case I had to have a bit of a crash course off my mum. However the quality and quantity of the projects more than make up for this. I intend to make many more of these stunning projects and might even inject some of my own ideas! A must-have book!

Buy Wire Knits by Heather Kingsley-Heath at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Wire Knits by Heather Kingsley-Heath at Amazon.co.uk

Buy Wire Knits by Heather Kingsley-Heath at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Wire Knits by Heather Kingsley-Heath at Amazon.com.


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