Where to Rent a Luxurious G-Wagen in NYC?

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New York is a city that never sleeps. People there are always in a hurry, and it is almost impossible to get anywhere without a car. However, it is rather unprofitable to own a car in this city because parking, repairing, and maintaining a vehicle is very expensive. But what if a luxurious rental car delivered to your door is much more convenient and cost-effective than buying your vehicle?

Advantages of RealCar Services

RealCar is a reliable service providing clients with an opportunity to rent a car of a premium class for any required time. It already works in New York City, and it is about to open in Boston and Miami. Among the most important features of this company, the following ones can be identified:

• Delivery of the car to any place (you can select any point on the NYC map, and the RealCar workers will deliver it whenever you wish);

• A wide range of luxurious cars (it is possible to rent only premium cars such as Jaguar, Range Rover, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes);

• Absence of extra payments (you pay only for the time of rental);

• Convenience of usage (the service offers its special app where you can create and edit the plan of any journey).

What Car to Choose?

If you decided to make use of RealCar services, you have to select only one thing – a car itself. This rental company offers a range of premium cars all of which will be comfortable and prestigious. One of the most popular models is Mercedes G-Wagen for rent. This vehicle is a combination of luxurious design and modern technologies. Mercedes Benz G550 has a high-quality leather interior that makes its design even more attractive. This 4-wheel-drive car has a top sound system and a navigation technology that can be activated by voice. Besides, it has heated seats and a power sun-roof that considerably raises a level of comfort.