Warrior (Wolfblade Trilogy) by Jennifer Fallon

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Warrior (Wolfblade Trilogy) by Jennifer Fallon

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Category: Fantasy
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Myfanwy Rodman
Reviewed by Myfanwy Rodman
Summary: An Epic Fantasy of political power and personal tragedy, where the lives of a few affect the fate of a kingdom.
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Pages: 736 Date: August 2008
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN: 978-1841496535

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Despite the 'official' rule of her brother, the High Prince, Marla Wolfblade controls the kingdom of Hythria, holding it in trust for her young son, Damin. But politics have made her ruthless and cruel, a stranger to her own family. And though Alija Eaglespike, the powerful High Arrion of the Sorcerer's Collective, is a known, and implacable enemy, there are dangers from within her own family that Marla can only guess at. When plague surges across the country, dealing death to noble and commoner alike. Marla finds herself cut off from her own family, helpless to reach the world outside the city and facing the most terrible betrayal of her life.

Damin Wolfblade has grown up under the loving protection of his uncle and surrounded by the children of his mother's four marriages. Far from the court of his uncle, the High Prince, he enjoys the privileges of a noble child and heir to the throne. But as Damin grows towards adulthood he faces all the dangers of Hythria's deadly politics as well as the challenge of proving himself to a country that despises his bloodline. And when invasion threatens at the boarders and the safe haven of his childhood home crumbles about him, can Damin become the warrior his country so badly needs?

Warrior is the second novel in Jennifer Fallon's Hythurian Chronicles. It is a complex political thriller full of breathtaking twists and turns, where terrible acts of human greed and frailty are set against family love and interdependence. The sprawling Wolfblade clan are beautifully portrayed, especially the dynamics of the children, who grow to adulthood in the course of the book. They give this novel a warmth that is lacking in Wolfblade, the first in the series.

As in book one, Fallon demonstrates a fine grasp of politics and pacing, effortlessly weaving together the strands of many subplots, some begun in the first novel. A little disappointing is the predictable middle-eastern style bad guy, just waiting at the borders of the country to invade. Though King Hablet is a three-dimensional character throughout and thoroughly believable as a person. In fact characterisation in this novel is outstanding, the actions and reactions of all the characters seem natural and realistic, even, brilliantly, the more terrible ones. There is less of the magical realm of the Harshini this time round, which was not one of my favourite aspects of the first novel. And though magic makes its appearance, it takes a back seat to politics and human manoeuvrings.

I was a little put off by some of the language, as it is a little twenty-first century in places, which jars and disrupts the atmosphere. And the book takes a while to get going, the action really only blossoming in the second half. However, when it starts to move plot and action come thick and fast and the cliffhanger ending leaves the reader gasping for more.

Warrior is the second instalment of an epic, a story spanning many years and covering vast events, both political and personal. Fallon really puts her characters through the ringer, forcing some to undergo terrible ordeals, and killing off others with a ruthlessness Marla Wolfblade would be proud of. And be warned, the promise of much more to come in the last few chapters may make reading, Warlord, the last in the trilogy, a must.

I'd like to thank the publishers for sending a copy to The Bookbag.

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Buy Warrior (Wolfblade Trilogy) by Jennifer Fallon at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Warrior (Wolfblade Trilogy) by Jennifer Fallon at Amazon.co.uk

Buy Warrior (Wolfblade Trilogy) by Jennifer Fallon at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Warrior (Wolfblade Trilogy) by Jennifer Fallon at Amazon.com.


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