Under a Cornish Sky by Liz Fenwick

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Under a Cornish Sky by Liz Fenwick

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Category: General Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Louise Jones
Reviewed by Louise Jones
Summary: Two very different women must work together to save a beautiful Cornish estate, in this charming holiday read.
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Pages: 352 Date: July 2016
Publisher: Orion
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 9781409148289

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Under a Cornish Sky is the story of two very different women who are forced to work together to complete a common goal. Their personalities couldn't be more different, so expect fireworks along the way! Shy Demi is as timid as a mouse and although she is a skilled architect, she is never able to succeed in her career because others take credit for her work. In relationships, she is easily manipulated into doing things she doesn't always feel comfortable with; a fact that is not lost on her sleazy current boyfriend, Matt. Lady-of-the-Manor Victoria, on the other hand, simply oozes self confidence. Although she is in her sixties, she has the body of a much younger woman and has no trouble getting men to do exactly what she wants. Despite a long list of younger lovers providing a pleasurable distraction, her one true love is the family home of Boscawen, a glorious estate set in the picturesque Cornish countryside, not far from the sea.

Victoria, is furious when she discovers that Demi has inherited half of her beloved estate. She absolutely loathes the younger woman and is determined to intimidate her into handing over full control of Boscawen. However, Victoria does not have the money to buy Demi out, and so the two must forge an uneasy alliance if Boscawen is to remain in the Tregan family.

Victoria and Demi aren’t particularly likeable lead characters; Victoria as bossy and selfish and Demi is much too weak and timid. It is hard to have any sympathy with either one of them. Thankfully, the author remedies the situation by creating a wonderful list of ancillary characters like friendly gardener Sam, who immediately becomes Demi's ally and friend and a refuge from the indomitable Victoria. Gentle Lawyer and family friend Seb is also appealing and provides a refreshing foil to Victoria's acid personality. Demi's granddad is a particularly loveable character and the scenes between the two of them are both warm and poignant.

The Cornish setting is gorgeous and the scenes where Demi and her friends are relaxing on the beach and boats are so beautifully written they make perfect holiday reading. I also loved how the author slips little bits of Cornish tradition and folklore into the narrative, with references to fairies in the woods and the giant stone Kowres. I giggled at the cheeky reference to the stone passage that naked newly-weds would squeeze through in order to ensure future fertility and wondered if it was based on a real location.

The cover art on the book is exquisite; a lone lady walking a coastal path with the backdrop of the azure-blue sea. If you enjoy reading about Cornwall, you may like The Holiday Home by Fern Britton, a fantastic beach read, perfect to slip into your holiday bag.

Buy Under a Cornish Sky by Liz Fenwick at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Under a Cornish Sky by Liz Fenwick at Amazon.co.uk

Buy Under a Cornish Sky by Liz Fenwick at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Under a Cornish Sky by Liz Fenwick at Amazon.com.


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