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Today we are please to host a virtual blog tour celebrating the completion of guest author Mary E. Martin's second series, The Trilogy of Remembrance. We would like to welcome followers of the tour joining us from Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews and from other sites on the tour.

Here at Book bag we'd like you to visit our reviews of Mary's three books in The Trilogy of Remembrance series:

The Drawing Lesson

The Fate of Pryde

Night Crossing

Followers of the tour have an opportunity to enter in a $200 Amazon gift card giveaway, sponsored by the author, as well as to receive a purchase incentive package donated by the tour sponsors. Entries in Mary's $200 Amazon gift card giveaway will be accepted until midnight on August 31, 2015 with an announcement of the winner posted from Mary's Blog on September 1, 2015. Anyone submitting a proof of purchase entry in the giveaway draw will receive, as an added benefit, the tour purchase incentive rewards package of free e-books and discount coupons donated by tour hosts. For a full tour schedule of events, as well as details on how to enter the lottery drawing for the gift card and receive the purchase incentive rewards package, visit Mary E. Martin.

We encourage our guests to follow the tour further by visiting Ink Slinger’s Whimsey for an article written by Mary E. Martin, and to take part by entering the tour giveaway.

Mary E. Martin is the author of two trilogies: The Osgoode Trilogy, inspired by her many years of law practice; and The Trilogy of Remembrance, set in the glitter and shadows of the art world. Both Trilogies will elevate the reader from the rush and hectic world of today and spin them into realms of yet unimagined intrigue. Be inspired by the newly released and final installment of The Trilogy of Remembrance, Night Crossing.