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Please send the review in the body of an email and not as an attachment, which can be difficult to open or to copy.

This is the format to use if you're applying to review for Bookbag.

The following information should be given, in this order:



Amazon link: for the edition of the book you actually have. Search Amazon for the ISBN. If, for any reason you are unable to send a link you should supply the ISBN-13 with no spaces.

Genre: main one first but you can have as many as you like.

Star rating: in increments of ½ stars from 1 to 5. Please show ½ stars as ‘.5’

Buy: yes/no/maybe (Assume that the money is available to purchase the book and take no account of whether it's a hardback or a paperback. Price should only be taken into consideration if it is a very expensive book which doesn't seem to be worth the money.)

Borrow: yes/no/maybe (Is it worth getting out of the library or borrowing from elsewhere?)

Summary: Your opinion of the book (not a plot précis) in two sentences or less.

Main review text: if you want anything in italics (titles of books or quotes, for instance) please use 2 of the straight apostrophe under the @ on your keyboard at each end of the quote "like this". For anything in bold please use 3 of the same in the same way '"like this"'. Don't use the double straight quotation marks above the 2 on your keyboard even if you have curly quotes turned off. Please use straight apostrophes not curly apostrophes in the review (curly apostrophes can have compatibility problems on the web). Your first paragraph will be the introduction to the review on the home page.

Further reading suggestion: a book or books already reviewed by Bookbag please. If you are unable to think of anything please try searching using key words such as 'nineteen fifties' or 'wedding planner' or whatever - this often brings up a suitable match.

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